Global heating 'may lead to epidemic of kidney disease'
Chronic kidney disease linked to heat stress could become a major health epidemic for millions of workers around the world as global temperatures increase over the coming decades, doctors have warned.
Vikings Were in the Americas Exactly 1,000 Years Ago
By studying tree rings and using a dash of astrophysics, researchers have pinned down a precise year that settlers from Europe were on land that would come to be known as Newfoundland.
Shaggy, skittish, saved: the Spanish sheep brought back from the brink
very morning a trio of churra lebrijana sheep turn up eagerly for work, toiling away as children head to school and the rush-hour traffic grips the southern Spanish city of Seville.
Texas Wants to Force a 20-Lane Highway Through Austin
Austin, Texas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and that sense of momentum is keenly felt in every restaurant opening, every bidding war, every traffic jam.
France returns marble angels stolen from Italy church in '89
A British art collector who bought a pair of 17th-century marble angels from a Neapolitan antiques shop two decades ago has returned the winged "putti" to Italy's art police after learning that they had been stolen from a church.
Apple's Faster Horses
Apple has had this funny tendency in recent years. They "upgrade" devices by taking away features that a lot of users - and often professional users in particular - love and/or find useful.
San Francisco International Arts Festival brings the Mission to Fort Mason
Over the years, the San Francisco International Arts Festival has more than lived up to its name, presenting a far-flung array of performers from around the world.
Homeless man jailed for life after admitting to 1983 murder four decades later
A homeless man has been jailed for life after confessing to a murder almost four decades ago.
Russia Breaks Diplomatic Ties with NATO
Moscow's decision to end its diplomatic mission to the alliance will end a long post-Cold War experiment in building trust between militaries.
The Stage Is Set For TV's Impending Disruption | AdExchanger
Nearly two decades ago, a group of top brand CMOs met secretly in the Procter & Gamble conference room. The topic: How do we change the arbitraged system of the TV upfront market?