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The Good Life France
6 months ago
France news

Happy galette des rois weekend - The Good Life France

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It provides fun, fabulous, and authentic content [ more ]
6 months ago
London food

On my radar: Marika Hackman's cultural highlights

Marika Hackman's fourth album, Big Sigh, is set to be released on January 12.
Hackman describes the film 'Bottoms' as a classic high-school comedy with a queer twist. [ more ]
NBC Sports Bay Area & California
6 months ago
San Francisco 49ers

CMC emphatically declares his 'love' for 49ers' unique locker room

The 49ers' locker room is a team in its truest form, with no dominating voice or ego.
The team holds each other and themselves to the same standard, creating a fun and supportive environment. [ more ]
6 months ago

Hearing a room full of Black women open up about sex and shame was electrifying | Jendella Benson

The Black Women and Undoing Sexual Shame event aimed to address the silence surrounding sex and sexuality in culturally conservative communities.
The workshop discussed the impact of Christian, Muslim, and Rastafari belief systems on purity culture and respectability politics. [ more ]
The Art Newspaper - International art news and events
6 months ago

Caroline Campbell on the ways in which cities have shaped art history

Caroline Campbell, director of the National Gallery of Ireland, explores the influence of cities on artistic creation in her book.
The book covers 15 cities throughout history, including familiar ones like New York and Vienna, as well as lesser-known ones like Pyongyang and Brasilia.
Campbell wanted to tell a history of art that explores the social, cultural, political, and economic contexts within which artists have worked. [ more ]
6 months ago
Digital life

Young Reporter:Cultural Identity Osob Dualle Burntwood School

Cultural identity shapes who you become as an individual and includes beliefs, values, traditions, and customs.
Culture and religion are separate entities, but culture can shape one's identity and everyday lifestyle. [ more ]
6 months ago

Ten free London exhibitions to visit in January 2024

There are several free exhibitions to visit in London
The exhibitions cover various topics and art forms [ more ]
The Atlantic
6 months ago

Taylor Swift at Harvard

Taylor Swift's work and career deserve to be studied because she is a prominent figure in contemporary culture.
Studying Taylor Swift can provide insights into American society and how perceptions of her have changed over time. [ more ]
Brooklyn Magazine
7 months ago
NYC food

Maloya in Bushwick serves the food of Reunion, a tiny volcanic island on the Indian Ocean - Brooklyn Magazine

La Réunion is a small island in the Indian Ocean, known for its active volcano, shark attacks, black sand beaches, micro-climates, and storms.
Maloya, a new restaurant and bar in Brooklyn, celebrates the cuisine and culture of La Réunion, focusing on rums from Réunion and the French diaspora. [ more ]
7 months ago
Europe news

The banned Russian series that Ukrainians are pirating en masse

The Russian television series Slovo Patsana. Krov na asfalte has become the most viewed series on the internet in Ukraine.
Despite being banned in Ukraine, the series has gained overwhelming success through pirated downloads and has a popular soundtrack. [ more ]
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