Web host Epik was warned of a critical website bug weeks before it was hacked
Hackers associated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous say they have leaked gigabytes of data from Epik, a web host and domain registrar that provides services to far-right sites like Gab, Parler and 8chan, which found refuge in Epik after they were booted from mainstream platforms.
Have you tried to guess your boss's password? Lots of workers have, according to a report
An August Beyond Identity report takes a look at people's password protection habits as well as their tendencies to guess other folk's passwords.
Image: GettyImages/GaudiLab
Scheduled backup of Vault secrets with CronJob of Kubernetes
I am a DevOps engineer at Cloudify.co and I will share in this post my experience related to automation of Vault backup creation using Kubernetes CronJob.
Microsoft wants you to stop using passwords for its apps and services - here's how
Ivan covers Big Tech, India, policy, AI, security, platforms, and apps for TNW. That's one heck of a mixed bag. He likes to say "Bleh."
Former Georgetown Tennis Coach Agrees to Plead Guilty in Admissions Scandal
Gordon Ernst was accused of taking bribes to designate at least 12 students as recruits, including some who did not play tennis competitively.
Attackers Impersonate DoT in Two-Day Phishing Scam
Threat actors dangled the lure of receiving funds from the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and created new domains mimicking the real federal site.
3 Former U.S. Intelligence Operatives Charged In Hacking Scheme For UAE
Three former U.S. intelligence and military operatives have agreed to pay nearly $1.7 million to resolve criminal charges that they provided sophisticated hacking technology to the United Arab Emirates.
The First Trial Has Begun In The College Admissions Scandal
John Wilson (second left) holds his wife's hand (second right) as they leave the courthouse in Boston after the first day of his trial in the college admissions scandal on Monday.
10 Phrases That Can Make You Sound Like an Arrogant Jerk
When you become a parent, it's only natural to look inward and ask yourself some probing questions, including What bad habits do I have that I should work to remove?