Italy likely to offer Covid booster jabs to all 'from January'
Italy began administering third doses of Covid vaccines to some groups in September. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP
This Year's Thanksgiving Feast Will Wallop the Wallet
Nearly every ingredient, from the turkey to the after-dinner coffee, is expected to cost more than ever, for a host of reasons.
Holidaymakers may need three Covid vaccines to travel abroad next summer
Holidaymakers may need three doses of the Covid vaccine if they want to travel abroad next summer, a minister has said.
Rishi Sunak's plan to cut billions more from overseas aid attacked by advisers
Rishi Sunak's plans to cut billions more from overseas aid in next week's spending review have been attacked by the government's own climate crisis advisers.
45 million people in UK received scam texts or calls in last three months
The scourge of scam texts and calls has been laid bare by UK telecoms regulator research showing almost 45 million people received at least one in the last three months, while mobile network EE had to block 18,000 sim cards used for the fraud over that period.
Virginia governor reveals his long Covid symptoms as he urges vaccinations
More than a year after testing positive for Covid-19, Virginia's governor, Ralph Northam, is warning about the importance of vaccines and the long-lasting effects of Covid.
Texas redistricting: What happens to the elected officials who were drawn out of their districts?
From redistricting, to the fight over COVID vaccine mandates, 'Inside Texas Politics' is tracking all the latest political news in Texas.
Texas redistricting
Column: The clock is ticking on those unvaccinated L.A. city workers. Will they come around?
The day of reckoning is almost upon us.
President of Brazil says it 'makes no sense' for him to be vaccinated
More than 600,000 of his citizens have lost their lives to a Covid-19 outbreak he once pooh-poohed as a "little flu", but Brazil's science-denying president, Jair Bolsonaro, has announced he will decline to be vaccinated, saying "it makes no sense" for him to do so.
Texas Governor Bans Private Businesses from Requiring COVID Vaccines
Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday that bars all entities, including private businesses, from mandating COVID-19 vaccines for workers or customers.