What the COVID-19 Winter Plan Means for Restaurants in England
The Covid winter plan, which lays out the future of Covid-19 restrictions and measures, and the possibility of coronavirus lockdown in England, has very little in it for restaurants, which tells its own story: Barring catastrophe, restaurants' uncertainty - at least, that which is directly caused by the pandemic - is over.
A Writer's Deathbed Portrait of Francis Bacon
Max Porter's new novel imagines the last days of a painter who shares his obsession with mortality.
Max Porter is a writer who's spent a long time thinking about death.
London Underground records its busiest morning since first 2020 lockdown
London Underground had its busiest morning since before the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020, although journeys to school may have played a bigger role than work commutes as transport use surged in the capital.
Esperance Bridge creates new walking route into London's Coal Drops Yard
Moxon Architects has teamed up with engineering firm Arup to install a bright red bridge across Regent's Canal in London, forming a new route into the Thomas Heatherwick-designed Coal Drops Yard.
FTSE hits one-month high as Covid fears fade
With rays of sunshine replacing torrential rain, the good weather appeared to improve spirits among traders on London's leading market.
Slump in Tory optimism fuels fall in Boris Johnson's popularity, poll finds
The popularity of Boris Johnson and his government have suffered a sharp decline in a new poll which suggested Conservative voters in particular are becoming more pessimistic about the direction of the country.
Australian Troops Will Help Enforce A Coronavirus Lockdown In Sydney
Mounted police officers patrol around the edge of Sydney Harbor on Friday as the city has been locked down amid a new surge in coronavirus infections.
UK heading for biggest cut to social security since WWII, think tank warns
Britain is heading for the biggest cut to the basic rate of social security since the creation of the welfare state at the end of World War II, a leading think tank has warned.
Eric Clapton Says He Won't Play Venues That Require COVID Vaccines
Eric Clapton performing in London in March 2020, shortly before the coronavirus lockdown.
Muslims across Indonesia mark grim Eid al-Adha as Covid crisis deepens
Muslims across Indonesia marked a grim Eid al-Adha festival for a second year on Tuesday as the country struggles to cope with a devastating new wave of coronavirus cases.