Will children need COVID-19 booster shots?
As scientists race to answer crucial questions about the omicron variant of the coronavirus, many parents are wondering whether their children will need booster shots.
Kids growing up in the COVID-19 era are damaged
"Kids are resilient." That's what we keep being told.
NIH and CDC fail us on Omicron, as they have throughout the pandemic
Wednesday, nearly two weeks after news of Omicron ignited global panic, Pfizer announced its vaccine works against the variant but provided few details.
Senate Votes to Scrap Biden Vaccine Mandate as Republicans Eye 2022
The action was largely symbolic, but it allowed Republicans to press an attack on Democrats that is likely to be central to their midterm election campaigns.
Kate Forbes promises 'stability and support' for Scots in her 2022-23 Budget
The Scottish Budget for next year will provide people with "stability and support" as the country seeks to recover from coronavirus, Kate Forbes has insisted.
Pfizer Says Its Booster Offers Strong Protection Against Omicron
The company's finding is based on only a small study of blood samples in a laboratory, but others are sure to follow.
9 immutable truths about Covid-19, two years later
As humans, we fear the unknown, and nothing feels so dangerously mysterious as the novel coronavirus. This week, we are officially two years in to the pandemic.
Barnaby Joyce, Australia's deputy PM, tests positive for Covid while visiting US
Australia's deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has tested positive to Covid-19 while on a visit to the United States.
Boris Johnson's credibility questioned as he tightens coronavirus restrictions
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