The scientific reason why it's so hard to stick to a diet
Every year millions of Americans try to cut down on ultra-processed foods - industrial formulations that are typically high in added fat, refined carbohydrates, or both.
5 Resources that can help your new Digital Marketing Agency
It ain't easy starting a digital marketing agency; there are plenty of obstacles and unknown factors to keep an eye on. Plus, there are many risks to consider.
Happiness is on Back Order
We have it from a reliable source that Steve Cohen was not happy yesterday morning. He had never seen such unprofessional behavior exhibited by a player's agent.
If you think paper bags are mundane, Tim Sumner asks you to think again
Are you also a bit of a hoarder when it comes to shopping bags?
Beyond Impossible: The Sanitarium and World War II Past of Meat Substitutes
It's no stretch to say that fake meat is having a moment.
'Controlled distribution': Germany to legalise recreational cannabis
The centre-left SPD, Greens and liberal FDP, which presented their plans for Germany's next ruling coalition on Wednesday, have agreed to ease rules on personal use of cannabis.
What Does 'Hot' Mean in Wine? | Wine Enthusiast
Marianne Frantz, founder of the American Wine School, blames Paris Hilton for some of the confusion around the wine tasting term "hot."
Black Friday deals: how to avoid wasting money
Check you are getting a genuine bargain
Do not assume everything that purports to be an offer is as special as the retailer wants you to believe. Every year the consumer group Which?
Reuse? Compost? Dump? Solving the eco-conundrum of nappies
In July 2017, Prigi Arisandi stood in the Surabaya River in East Java, Indonesia, and counted nappies. In one hour, "176 diapers floated in front of my face," he said.
Britain looks to ban single-use plastic plates, cutlery
LONDON - Single-use plastic plates and cutlery and polystyrene cups could all be banned in England as the British government seeks to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste, it said on Saturday.