The Guardian view on the government and the BBC: an endless war of attrition | Editorial
t is hardly surprising that Rupert Murdoch, having surveyed the ramshackle, amateurish beginnings of GB News from his Oxfordshire estate, decided he could do better.
Boris Johnson avoids showdown on universal credit cut as rebel amendment rejected
Boris Johnson has avoided a potentially humiliating Commons showdown on cuts to universal credit - just weeks before claimants' payments are reduced.
Senior Tories make last-gasp bid to block 20-a-week cut to Universal Credit
Senior Tories are making a last-gasp bid to block the £20-a-week cut to universal credit, by staging a Commons showdown on Monday.
New housing secretary Michael Gove urged to fix building safety crisis
Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith launched a new wave of backbench pressure on the government to solve the building safety crisis leading a rally of affected leaseholders into a chant outside parliament of: "Michael Gove: we want justice!"
Health Secretary defends Tory MPs refusing to wear masks in parliament
The health secretary has defended Conservative MPs who refuse to wear masks in parliament, following criticism of his party's lax attitude to the safety measure.
Labour challenges Tory MPs to 'do the right thing' and oppose Universal Credit cut
Labour has called on Conservative MPs "to do the right thing" and back a vote calling for the Government to scrap its plans to cut Universal Credit (UC) amid fears it could plunge millions of Britons into poverty.
MPs back 12bn-a-year tax hike for NHS but warning of doctor and nurse shortages
The £12bn-a-year tax hike to rescue the NHS and social care has been backed by MPs, but ministers were warned they will have to "relax all immigration requirements" to make the plan a reality.
Social care won't get money it needs, warns Jeremy Hunt
The Conservative MP was speaking as MPs voted on legislation to establish the £36bn health and social care tax.
Priti Patel accused over Heathrow meeting with billionaire businessman
Labour has accused Priti Patel of breaking the ministerial code by facilitating a meeting between a Tory donor and British Airway ( BA).
Labour may tax wealth more heavily to fund social care, says Starmer
Labour is considering taxing wealth more heavily to raise funds in order to tackle the social care crisis, Keir Starmer has confirmed, as his party comes under pressure to set out its own costed plan.