What Brooklyn voters need to know ahead of the Nov. 2 general election * Brooklyn Paper
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Give migrants NHS workers right to remain as NHS faces winter pressure, say MPs
Ministers are being urged to grant migrant NHS workers indefinite right to remain as the health service braces for what could be one of the most difficult winters it has ever faced.
Where's Kevin Vuong? Embattled MP still silent on dropped sex assault charge following election | CBC News
A full month after pledging to address a sexual assault charge levelled against him in 2019 and since withdrawn, newly-elected Toronto MP Kevin Vuong has remained silent on the topic and out of sight.
English schools must not teach 'white privilege' as fact, government warns
English schools should not teach "contested theories and opinions ... such as white privilege" as fact, the government has said prior to the publication of new guidance outlining how teaching certain political issues could break the law.
#PostPulpit Mailbag: Is Bill Belichick holding the Patriots back?
It was another winnable game that slipped out of the New England Patriots' hands, as they fell 35-29 to the Dallas Cowboys in overtime in Week 7.
MPs criticise lottery operator Camelot over problem gambling
A cross-party group of MPs has called for ministers to consider action against the national lottery operator, Camelot, arguing a move towards app-based games rather than traditional draws risks worsening problem gambling and reducing the amounts given to good causes.
Trump Wants to Build a Non-Cancelable' Internet for Conservatives
On Wednesday, former president Donald Trump revealed the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), a non-cancelable media company to rival the liberal media consortium.
Bill Belichick's conservative decision-making is killing the Patriots right now
The New England Patriots have been in almost every game that they have played this season, but their record is still 2-4.
Late goal gives Juventus another 1-0 win to stay on top of Group H
There is certainly a theme building for the Juventus season. It may not be the most fun or most exciting thing for fans to watch, but it is getting more difficult to argue with the results.