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6 months ago
France news

Reporters - Vatican, the deep divide: Pope Francis under increasing pressure from conservatives

Opposition is growing against Pope Francis within the Vatican, with accusations of a laxist vision of Catholic doctrine.
Conservative circles are critiquing Pope Francis for his governance and controversial decisions, such as authorizing priests to bless homosexual couples. [ more ]
6 months ago
Europe news

Vladimir Putin will use election to show war-weary Russia he's still calling the shots

Vladimir Putin will seek a fifth presidential term in the upcoming March elections.
The elections will be held in a growingly conservative country where all dissent has been criminalized and opposition politicians are behind bars. [ more ]
The American Conservative
6 months ago
Right-wing politics

Patrons of Conservative Minds

Throughout the history of civilization, the wisdom of great men has been passed down for generations through the words they wrote and the institutions they built.
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