Process Begins to Make Car-Free J.F.K. Permanent
Will the eastern half of J.F.K. Drive remain car free?
Run sql startup script on Oracle database container initialization
1. Download the official Oracle Database Server Docker Image Developer Tier from DockerHub
Motorola Edge 20 Pro India launch teased
Motorola launched the Edge 20 and Edge 20 Fusion in India last month, with the latter being an Edge 20 Lite powered by the Dimensity 800U SoC instead of Dimensity 720.
The Declarative Approach in a Data Playground - DATAVERSITY
One of the most fascinating things I've found at my current organization is undoubtedly the declarative approach. It is something so simple and so powerful.
Make your python tests efficient with pytest fixtures
PC: The Blue Diamond Gallery (CC BY-SA 3.0) If you are a person who is new to testing, or if you have been assigned to fix some test failures, or if an awesome new feature you implemented recently crashes any of the existing test cases, you have to walk into the doom of software testing.
A Wok Adapter That Really Works
Glen Lee, an actor and inventor with a passion for cooking Chinese food, decided to try to make his home stove behave like a restaurant wok stove, with extra high heat concentrated at the base of a traditional round-bottom steel wok.
Creating AWS CodePipeline Using AWS CDK
AWS CodePipeline is a fully managed service that helps to automate the application's continuous delivery process.
Cloud Native Data Pipelines using ArgoWorkflow
Whether you are a data engineer, platform engineer, data scientist, or ML engineer, when working wit data, we all are faced with the challenge of creating pipelines.
Shipa.io-working with Application Management Framework + Terraform and GKE
This story mostly covers testing Shipa.io and its integration with Terraform to deploy apps to GKE.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Support Page Confirms Imminent Launch; Features To Check Out
=Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G launch has been pending for a while. The handset's arrival was earlier tipped for September which later the leaks suggested is postponed to October.