A Serene CSS Dappled Light Effect | CSS-Tricks
There's a serene warmth to the early evening sunlight peaking through rustling leaves. Artists use dappled light to create a soft, hypnotic effect.
Views of the Seine
Browsing through my photos on IPhoto looking for a particular image, I stumbled upon a series of photos I took in early November.
Worst of Omicron wave could be 'done with' in some countries - WHO
The Omicron wave may have peaked in some countries, global health leaders have said.
Project audit experiences
Back in January 2020, I wrote How to pick up a project with an audit. I received some comments about it over the last couple of years, but I don't think I really did anything with them.
How to Make an Old Pal Cocktail | Wine Enthusiast
The Old Pal cocktail is often oversimplified as a "rye Negroni." While the composition remains similar-a spirit, a red bitter liqueur and vermouth-key differences change the drink immensely.
Trade Secret or Patent?
Business owners often ask whether they should protect their intellectual property with a trade secret or a patent. The answer is: It depends.
Functional Programming: A Comparison Between Programming Paradigms
The Imperative and Declarative paradigms.
Imperative paradigm has evolved a bit in terms of structure (because of Structural Paradigm), but it still has problems:
To make the idea a bit closer.
What Elmo's Viral Moment Tells Us About How Parents Watch Kids' TV
We are all Elmo. Or maybe not. Last week, in a viral event that will surely seem as though it happened six years ago by this December, a clip of Elmo getting mad began to circulate on Twitter.
Astronomers may have found second supermoon 5,500 light years away
Astronomers believe they may have found a second supermoon 5,500 light years away which is orbiting a planet the size of Jupiter
Astronomers may have witnessed the birth of a black hole
Astronomers are increasingly drawing back the curtains on black holes.