[July 2021] Python Monthly | Zero To Mastery
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Being a Python developer is a fantastic career option.
Wales Bonner's New Collection Celebrates Celestial Music Pioneer, Laraaji
Wales Bonner has unveiled a new capsule collection which pays tribute to celestial music pioneer, Laraaji.
Pelosi will ask anti-Trump Republican Kinzinger to join 6 January panel
The speaker of the US House, Nancy Pelosi, intends to appoint a second anti-Trump Republican to the select committee investigating the deadly 6 January assault on the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.
Jim Hall: Ten Tracks I Can't Live Without...by Mike Rud
When I was in high school, around 1985, I got my first taste of Jim Hall's music when I took some of his albums out of the Edmonton Public Library.
SpaceX will launch NASA's Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter's moon | Engadget
A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will be launching NASA's long-awaited mission to Europa, Jupiter's icy moon that may have the conditions to support life.
3D Printed Products designed to exhibit the endless possibilities of this simple yet groundbreaking technique!
3D Printing is gaining more momentum and popularity than ever! Designers and architects all over the world are now adopting 3D Printing for the creation of almost all types of products and structures.
Westside Gunn, DJ Premier, and Brady Watt team up for "The Narcissist": Stream
Producer Brady Watt has teamed up with Westside Gunn and DJ Premier for their new collaborative single, "The Narcissist."
Top five TypeScript dependency injection containers - LogRocket Blog
As a software developer who started my career with Java, I had issues during my transition to JavaScript.
ASKA draws on Wes Anderson films for sunny Cafe Banacado design
Swedish architecture studio ASKA has created a pale-yellow interior informed by Wes Anderson movies and the aesthetics of Cuba for Stockholm restaurant Cafe Banacado.
NASA's InSight probe reveals the first detailed look at the interior of Mars | Engadget
NASA's InSight lander arrived on Mars in 2018 to learn about its interior by monitoring "marsquakes," and now the project is starting to really pay off.