Central Division Weekly: Blues, Wild Start off Hot
It's the first full season we'll see in the NHL since 2018-19, and it could not have started more surprisingly.
Marketing for Startups: A Three-Step Guide to Creating Your Strategy
Marketing for your new startup is exciting. You've put time and effort into creating your product or service, and now you need to make sure your market is as hyped about it as you are.
37 Tasks Every Marketer Should Automate
As a marketer, you're busy. And, even though you probably already know that automating tasks and workflows can free up a lot of time, it takes a lot of focus to set up, right?
Well, not necessarily.
UXReactor's 'well-rounded approach' sets it apart from other UX design firms - San Francisco Business Times
In an era where making technology easy to use has become more important than ever, UXReactor makes businesses function better through design.
Jeannette Altwegg obituary
Jeannette Altwegg, who has died aged 90, was the last British woman to win an Olympic individual ice-skating gold medal - at the 1952 Winter Games in Oslo.
CFPB goes after Big Tech data-harvesting practices with new orders
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has ordered six major U.S. tech companies to turn over information about how they harvest and profit from their users' payment data, signaling an aggressive approach to oversight of the financial technology industry by the federal government's foremost consumer watchdog.
ULID vs UUID: Sortable Random ID Generators for JavaScript
What's the right tool for generating universal identifiers?
UUID is one of the most used universal identifiers in software development.
For video games, February is the new November
The video game holiday release bonanza is a time-honored tradition, but alterations to working conditions and supply chain issues related to the covid-19 pandemic seem to be changing that in 2021, at least temporarily.
Chicago Cubs: Deciphering recent noise coming from a new front office
It's enough to drive you batty, trying to ferret out what baseball executives mean when they talk - and the Chicago Cubs brass is no exception.