NFL playoff schedule: Divisional round games include Bills vs. Chiefs rematch
The NFL's so-called super wild card weekend was anything but, not just for the New England Patriots.
In the omicron crush, some people pay whatever it costs to get tested
At-home antigen test kits are sold out in many areas of the country.
Patrick Wood/NPR Heather Shadley-Tovar shelled out $120 to get her daughter a PCR test.
Why 2022 Will Be the Year of AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud Technology - DATAVERSITY
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two critical technologies that are shaping our future, how we work, and how businesses persevere through future black swan events.
Cloud and Edge computing 2022 predictions| App Developer Magazine
Tobias Knaup, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at D2iQ shares his Cloud and Edge computing 2022 predictions about the marriage of Cloud and Edge, the evolving security threats, the maturation of Kubernetes, how Kubernetes will go mainstream in 2022, and a lot more.
The Core Of The Detroit Red Wings For The Future
The Detroit Red Wings are building for the future. Under the leadership of Steve Yzerman, the Red Wings are turning the corner and could get back to being a playoff team sooner rather than later.
The Rap-Up: Worlds collide as Raptors prepare to see some old faces
Ever since the pandemic shut down the NBA in 2020, the boxscore I've visited most on Basketball Reference was the Toronto Raptors ' final pre-shutdown home game against Charlotte.
Andrew Friedman: Dodgers Success Comes From Working As Collective Group
The Los Angeles Dodgers have established a system where they feel they can be competitive every season without needing to rebuild because of how well they manage their payroll and develop players.
Alone With a Basketball, a Hoop, and Covid
Separated from his family, he launched jump shots in the driveway and wondered: Will we ever properly mourn the ones we've lost? Will we ever smile again? The answers were hit or miss.
Elliott: Australian Open doesn't need Novak Djokovic to put on an intriguing show
The Australian Open, known as the "Happy Slam" for its hospitable setting in Melbourne and its place as the first big event of the tennis calendar, isn't off to a cheery start this year.
Rafael Nadal Returns to Australian Open With More Modest Expectations
The 20-time Grand Slam tournament champion has cut himself, and even his rival, Novak Djokovic, some slack. "I want to be back on the tour, even if the preparation is not fantastic," he said.