2021 hindsight: Inside the Trevor Bauer disaster and how the Dodgers got here
What could be Trevor Bauer's last public comment in a Dodgers uniform was uttered in frustration as the pitcher stood up to leave a videoconference following a 3-2 victory over the San Francisco Giants on June 28.
Sunday On The Beach With Sierra Leonean Soccer Players
Soccer on the sand of Lumley Beach is a big Sunday pastime in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Pick-up games run up and down the shoreline.
US standup comedian Jackie Mason dies in New York aged 93
Jackie Mason, a rabbi-turned-comedian whose feisty brand of standup comedy led him to Catskills nightclubs, west coast talk shows and Broadway stages, has died.
Meet the unvaccinated: Why some Canadians still haven't had the shot | CBC News
Canada's vaccine campaign has been crushing it lately, with an impressive 80 per cent of eligible Canadians having had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
The cost of cooling: how air conditioning is heating up the world
he widespread reliance on air conditioning in the US is explored in Eric Dean Wilson's book After Cooling: on Freon, Global Warming, and the Terrible Cost of Comfort.
Biles launches to top vault spot even without widely anticipated move.
Everyone in the sport has been talking about when Simone Biles will attempt her breathtaking Yurchenko double pike vault at the Olympics. Turns out, it wasn't during qualifying.
I struggled with office life. Now others are alive to benefits of remote working
struggle with a mild form of face blindness, or prosopagnosia. The condition, usually associated with autism, makes it difficult to remember people's faces.
Ricky Gervais campaigns for ban on all animal experiments in UK
Animal-rights campaigners staged a protest camp at a "factory farm" that breeds puppies for laboratory experiments after comedy actor Ricky Gervais launched a campaign to ban all tests on animals in the UK.
PlaticARM is a functional, natively-flexible 32-bit ARM chipset
Wearable tech is nothing new, though definitely trendy and currently on the rise. Same goes for the broad Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.
Judge Temporarily Blocks Arkansas Ban on Health Treatments for Transgender Youth
The decision came in response to an American Civil Liberties Union challenge to a first-in-the-nation law enacted by Republican state legislators in April.