Patriots cornerback Joejuan Williams makes Pro Football Focus' Team of the Week
Now in his third season in the league, cornerback Joejuan Williams faces a golden opportunity to finally prove he was worth the second-round draft pick the New England Patriots invested in him back in 2019.
An Apple Glass AR concept + more wearables that will go to the top of every tech enthusiast's wishlist!
Wearable designs are currently in the limelight, and we thought it would be fun to explore some of the cool wearable designs in the market!
Opinion | The Moral Chasm That Has Opened Up Between Left and Right Is Widening
Mr. Edsall contributes a weekly column from Washington, D.C. on politics, demographics and inequality.
The states and regions where home prices rose the most
The combination of low mortgage rates and the desire among many buyers to change their lifestyle or increase their living space has led to rising demand for homes over the past year.
Spain to offer Pfizer or Moderna booster shot to recipients of single-dose Janssen vaccine
Spain's Public Health Commission, which is made up of the Health Ministry and the country's regions, approved on Tuesday the administration of a booster shot of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine for the nearly two million citizens who initially were given the single-dose Janssen medication.
He Won the Nobel. Why Are His Books So Hard to Find?
After Abdulrazak Gurnah was awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Literature, he instantly gained a wider international audience, something publishers are now scrambling to accommodate.
Canada's difficult road to reaching its 2030 climate goal as another global conference nears | CBC News
Canada's track record has been pretty simple when it comes to climate targets.
Step 1: Set an ambitious goal
Step 2: Largely maintain the status quo
Step 3: Miss goal
Step 4: Set new goal
Joe Manchin pushes for climate cuts as West Virginia battered by crisis
The rise of Joe Manchin as a key power player for Democratic policymaking in 2021 is the result of a perfect storm for the US senator from West Virginia.
Future of TV Briefing: How agency executives are making sense of today's measurement mishmash - Digiday
The Future of TV Briefing this week dives into the different considerations agency executives are keeping in mind as they assess today's changing TV and streaming ad measurement landscape.
Phenq Review: Does This Fat Burner Supplement Safe?
Obesity prevalence is at a continual increase in different countries. It has been on the rise in the US, going up to 42.4 percent by 2018.