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6 months ago
San Francisco

Day Around the Bay: Head of SF Mayor's Affordable Housing Office Announces Departure

70 firefighters respond to 2-alarm fire in Outer Mission
Director of SF's affordable housing office resigns [ more ]
Eater NY
6 months ago
NYC food

OddFellows Founder to Open New Doughnut Shop

Pastry chef Sam Mason plans to open a new dessert spot called Sweet Graffiti featuring yeasted doughnuts in flavors like cherry and miso.
Rose Pizza, a popular late-night slice shop near Penn Station, has reopened after four years of closure due to construction.
% Arabica Cafe, a Japanese coffee company, has signed a lease for a fourth New York location on the Upper West Side at 418 Columbus Avenue. [ more ]
New York Post
6 months ago

6 best travel mugs to keep drinks hot or cold in 2024

There are numerous options available in the market for travel coffee mugs, catering to different needs and styles.
The Stanley Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug is known for its durability, one-handed sipping, and exceptional heat retention. [ more ]
Minimalist Baker
6 months ago

Creamy Mayan Mocha (Caffeine-Free Option!)

Making your own drinks at home can save you from the embarrassment of a long list of modifications at coffee shops.
This Mayan Mocha recipe is inspired by a traditional drink enjoyed by the Mayans thousands of years ago and is creamy, spicy, and chocolaty. [ more ]
New York Post
6 months ago

Want to quit smoking? These trigger foods are known to cause nicotine cravings - avoid them like the plague

Avoid spicy, sugary, fried foods, high sodium foods, and coffee while quitting smoking.
These foods can trigger nicotine cravings, contribute to weight gain, and make breathing difficulties worse. [ more ]
6 months ago
Food & drink

10 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy New Year

The Mediterranean diet is backed by decades of research and is considered one of the healthiest ways to eat.
Drinking coffee in the morning has been linked to a longer life and lower risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. [ more ]
6 months ago

How a Mass.-based company is working with local roasters to deliver better cold coffee

Not a fan of melted iced coffee or the flavor of cold brew? Massachusetts-based Snapchill has a solution, and it may be offered at your local coffee shop.
7 months ago

Bay Area coffee cocktail recipe: Chartreuse Cappuccino

Consider trying the Chartreuse Cappuccino as a cozy and complex alternative to a traditional espresso martini.
Chartreuse liqueur is experiencing a global shortage, making it difficult to source for this recipe. [ more ]
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