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2 months ago

Coming of age & queer in an Arizona trailer park - Queerty

The memoir 'Cactus Country' by Zoë Bossiere explores genderfluidity, class, masculinity, and the American Southwest through a narrative set in an Arizona trailer park. [ more ]
7 months ago

Class: Wine Cheese Pairings

Learn 5 incredible wine and cheese pairings in a class setting. [ more ]
4 months ago

Using books as interior design? It's a trend with a tale

Books as a symbol of wealth and class
Growing trend of bookshelf wealth [ more ]
5 months ago

The art world were, Don't show me that, I'll vomit': Jacqueline Poncelet on her controversial carpets

Jacqueline Poncelet faced strong criticism from parts of the art world for making art from carpet remnants.
Poncelet's carpets raise questions about class, colonialism, and cultural appropriation. [ more ]
6 months ago
Video games

UC Berkeley Is Offering A Class That'll Help You Get Good At Fighting Games

UC Berkeley is offering a class centered around fighting games for the Spring 2024 semester.
The class aims to teach beginners to become mid-level players and explore the impact of fighting games on Japanese culture. [ more ]
Slate Magazine
6 months ago
Social justice

In 2024 I Want to Understand How We Really Feel About Money

The article explores the disconnect between Justice Clarence Thomas' upbringing in a modest home and his later relationship with money and luxury.
The author reflects on the role of money and class in shaping lives and power dynamics in society. [ more ]
6 months ago

The Best Books to Read in 2024

Kiley Reid's debut, Such A Fun Age , enjoyed the sort of success most authors can only dream of (it was longlisted for The Booker Prize) but any suggestion that she may struggle with what publishing likes to call the 'difficult second novel' is thwarted from the very first page of Come and Get It .
The New Yorker
1 month ago

Briefly Noted Book Reviews

Vagabonds by Oskar Jensen offers a fresh perspective on impoverished nineteenth-century Londoners, bringing their voices to light. [ more ]
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