Tofu Vegan, London: 'Bring on the big hitters' - restaurant review
A dozen years ago, an editor invited me to go vegan for two weeks, so I could report back from the raucous frontline of plant-based living.
Kasha varnishkes turns humble buckwheat, pasta and onions into something extra special
Kasha Varnishkes
Your Ultimate Guide to Brunching Around DC
Ambar (523 Eighth St., SE; 2901 Wilson Blvd., Arlington) TTT (2900 Wilson Blvd., Arlington; 8407 Ramsey Ave., Silver Spring) Restaurateur Ivan Iricanin is known as the All You Can Eat King of Washington.
Shrimp with kale, garlic and smoked paprika channel Spanish tapas in less than 30 minutes
Shrimp With Kale, Garlic and Smoked Paprika
This is one of the dishes I have come to rely on when I don't feel like cooking - it's as close as I come to waving a magic wand at dinnertime.
This sheet pan eggplant caponata atop fluffy couscous has a tangy secret
Sheet Pan Caponata and Couscous With Goat Cheese
Iraqi-style stuffed vegetables in tomato sauce prove peppers aren't the only vegetable worth stuffing
Stuffed Vegetables in Tomato Sauce
I once thought only peppers could be stuffed.
NHS lung cancer patients first in Europe to get new drug that can stop tumour growth
NHS lung cancer patients will be the first in Europe to receive a "ground-breaking" new medicine which can stop the growth of tumours.
Eggplant roll-ups with spinach and goat cheese are a fresh fit for summer and fall
Grilled Eggplant Roll-Ups With Spinach and Goat Cheese
This dish captures the shorts-and-a-sweatshirt feel this time of year as we are clinging to summer while cozying up to fall.
Indonesian sate skewers with peanut sambal are spicy, sour, sweet and salty, all at once
Sate Daging (Soy and Ginger Beef Satay)
Move for 3 Minutes, Every Half-Hour, to Counter the Ill Effects of Sitting
Climbing stairs, doing jumping jacks or even taking as few as 15 steps during mini-breaks improved blood sugar control among office workers.