A Trove of Old Photos Could Reveal the Future of These Arctic Glaciers
The Svalbard Islands, part of Norway, are warming seven times faster than the global average. Aerial pictures from the 1930s are helping researchers understand what that means for the region's ice.
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On any given day, you'll find $19 trillion of payment obligations dotting the busy highway of global finance, waiting to be settled.
The Alaska, A Classic Gin Recipe With Chartreuse | Wine Enthusiast
Created over a century ago, the Alaska cocktail recipe can be considered a variation on the martini.
How to search the 1921 census online
The UK National Archives has published the 1921 census for England and Wales, providing a fascinating glimpse at life in Britain a century ago.
1921 Census of England and Wales reveals nation reeling from war
An intimate and unique snapshot of a nation reeling from the aftermath of the first world war was made available to the public on Thursday as the National Archives' 1921 Census of England and Wales went online.
Is That a Burning Bush? Is This Mt. Sinai? Solstice Bolsters a Claim
On the year's shortest day, hundreds of Israelis ventured deep into the desert to witness a strange natural phenomenon atop an ancient pilgrimage site that some argue is where God spoke to Moses.
Irish language skills of Great War soldiers from loyalist heartland revealed
Researchers studying the backgrounds of Great War soldiers from a part of Belfast traditionally associated with loyalism have discovered that 74 of them were Irish speakers.
For Pop Music, 2021 Was the Year of the Deep Dive
Documentaries brought us closer to musicians this year, and it wasn't always pretty.
The pandemic, it seems, sent certain enterprising music lovers into editing rooms.
Christmas Day space launch: Webb space telescope set for big mission
The James Webb Space Telescope will seek out the faint, twinkling light from the first stars and galaxies, providing a glimpse into cosmic creation.
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Maternal mortality, particularly for Black mothers in America, is a crisis we need to solve.