Merrick Garland Explains that the January 6 Investigation Isn't Taking All that Long - emptywheel
A lot of people here and elsewhere complain about how long it is taking to bring January 6 perpetrators to justice.
Capitol Police Officer Charged With Obstructing Justice in Jan. 6 Case
WASHINGTON - A U.S. Capitol Police officer was arrested Friday on charges that he obstructed justice by telling a man who had entered the Capitol illegally during the Jan. 6 riot to delete evidence of his actions that day from his social media accounts.
'Just looking out!' | Capitol Police officer arrested, accused of warning riot suspect to delete evidence
Officer Michael Angelo Riley, a 25-year veteran of the force, was indicted on Thursday on two felony counts of obstruction of justice.
A Growing Number of Judges Are Questioning If Capitol Rioters Are Being Properly Punished
Dawn Bancroft pleaded guilty on Tuesday, September 28 for a misdemeanor charge , after the 59-year-old Pennsylvanian made a video leaving the Capitol amidst the January 6 riots saying she wanted to "shoot [Nancy Pelosi] in the friggin' brain."
Alex Jones Used the Promise of a Permit and a Stage to Lure Hundreds to the East Steps - emptywheel
As I noted in this post, Zach Rehl got me to look closer at BuzzFeed's story liberating the Capitol Police permits for the events on January 6 (even if, after he discovered my own post, he didn't give me credit in his follow-up).