MPs and campaigners alarmed at UK's 'discriminatory' crime reduction plans
MPs and campaigners have sounded alarm at a series of proposals in the government crime reduction plan, including more frequent stop and search, a trial of "alcohol tags" and criminals undertaking "visible" community service cleaning streets.
Disproportionate targeting of Jamaicans for deportation from UK, data suggests
People from Caribbean countries such as Jamaica appear to be disproportionately targeted for deportation from the UK if they commit crimes, according to Home Office data obtained by the Guardian following a year-long freedom of information battle.
Tobacco firm Philip Morris calls for ban on cigarettes within decade
The chief executive of tobacco business Philip Morris International has called on the UK government to ban cigarettes within a decade, in a move that would outlaw its own Marlboro brand.
Sadiq Khan's party tells him to halt 'polluting' Silvertown Tunnel
Sadiq Khan's party has urged him to halt construction of a new road tunnel in London that campaigners say will make it impossible to meet climate targets.
Ricky Gervais campaigns for ban on all animal experiments in UK
Animal-rights campaigners staged a protest camp at a "factory farm" that breeds puppies for laboratory experiments after comedy actor Ricky Gervais launched a campaign to ban all tests on animals in the UK.
Stonehenge could lose world heritage status following Liverpool
Stonehenge could be the next historical UK site to lose its UNESCO World Heritage status.
Government disability strategy risks becoming a 'car crash', says Tory peer
The launch of the government's long-awaited disability strategy risks becoming a car crash if ministers do not do more to listen to the views of people with disabilities before releasing it, a Conservative peer has said.
Almost half of women say they stopped 'having sex while going through menopause'
Almost half of women say they stopped having sex while going through the menopause, new research has found.
'Real prospect' Omagh bombing could have been prevented, High Court rules
A High Court judge in Belfast has ruled there was a "real prospect" the Omagh bombing could have been prevented.
Government accused of 'cover-up' after ruling out search of Matt Hancock's private emails
Boris Johnson's government has been accused of "another dodgy cover-up" after ruling out a search of the former health secretary Matt Hancock 's private email account.