Adverse childhood experiences and behavior problems among poor Black children: Nonresident father involvement and single mothers' parentingstress | Fatherhood.gov
Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in early childhood and developmental outcomes during the middle childhood and adolescent years have been understudied among low-income Black families.
Black boy in stop and search '30 times' accuses Met police of racist profiling
A 14-year-old black schoolboy has accused the Metropolitan police of racist targeting after claiming he has been stopped by police about 30 times in the last two years.
Opinion | Should I Try to Save a Child From Her Adoptive Mom's Bad Race Politics?
What you said about not wanting to leave your daughter in her care reminded me of a story from my own life: Recently, a friend sent his young Black daughter to a church-sponsored overnight where the white conservative pastor decided to share his views on various nonreligious topics with the kids.
TDSB places teacher on home assignment after he wears blackface to high school | CBC News
The Toronto District School Board has placed a teacher on home assignment after he wore blackface at Parkdale Collegiate Institute during Halloween celebrations on Friday.
Civil rights pioneer wants arrest record for refusing to give up seat expunged
The civil rights pioneer Claudette Colvin, who in 1955 refused to give up her bus seat for a white person in Montgomery, Alabama, is asking a court to expunge all records of her arrest, saying she was never notified that her probation was finished.
Officials Still Unclear How Much Oil Spilled Off Coast of Orange County | KQED
Questions Remain About Size and Scope of Southern California Oil Spill
Over 120,000 American Children Have Lost a Parent or Caregiver to Covid-19, Study Says
New findings showed wide racial disparities among those whose caregivers had died during the pandemic.
Thermo Fisher sued over use of Henrietta Lacks' 'immortal' cells - Boston Business Journal
A Waltham-based life sciences giant has found itself at the center of a battle over profits from "HeLa" cells, a cell line unethically taken from a Black woman named Henrietta Lacks in the 1950s.
Opinion | 'The Beautiful Thing About Being Black': Remixing the Black ABCs 50 Years Later
The Black ABCs were once taught across the United States.
New student advocate program launched to help Black families navigate Ontario education system | CBC News
When Patricia Falope's daughter was in Grade 7, her teacher decided she should be moved to applied math.
Falope disagreed.