Fresh calls for windfall tax on companies that prospered during Covid
Campaigners have issued fresh calls for a windfall tax on companies that prospered during the pandemic, after research highlighted six firms that increased their profits by a total of £16bn.
Slow but steady has seen the EU win out in the vaccine race
We did it," said Ursula von der Leyen in her annual state of the union address last week.
Ministers told to bar EU from UK trial data in vaccines row
England's deputy chief medical officer asked ministers to withhold all UK clinical trial data from the EU if European countries continued to deny entry to British vaccine trial volunteers, the Observer can reveal.
Switzerland to change travel rules for those vaccinated abroad from Monday
From Monday, September 20th, foreign visitors vaccinated abroad with a jab approved by the European Medicines Agency will be able to obtain a Swiss Covid certificate enabling them to enter restaurants and venues.
Denmark returns to pre-pandemic life with a huge pop concert
About 52,000 people flocked to Copenhagen's Parken stadium a day after Denmark abolished coronavirus restrictions.
A pilot program hints at an eventual end to Australia's hotel quarantine system.
The Australian state of New South Wales will allow some returning international travelers to quarantine at home starting at the end of the month, possibly signaling the beginning of the end for the country's strict hotel quarantine system.
Reader question: Can I convert my foreign vaccination certificate into an Italian 'green pass'?
Since Italy began rolling out its health certificate- - the so-called 'green pass' - in June this year, it has only been available to people vaccinated, tested or recovered in Italy.
EXPLAINED: What you need to know about getting a top-up Covid jab in Germany
In August, the Federal Health Ministry announced that it would be rolling out booster shoots for people in need of addition immune protection for autumn.
Indonesia quells COVID, but is a new wave on the way?
Daily cases and deaths have dropped sharply in Jakarta and Java, but experts say limited testing and contact tracing have allowed the virus to surge elsewhere in the archipelago.
'Mixed dose' Covid vaccines - what are the rules in Italy?
The practice of giving people two different Covid vaccines for their first and second dose is now relatively widespread, but different rules in different countries mean that people vaccinated in this way can run into trouble when travelling.