Collaborators Launch AI-Robotics Initiative to Aid Older Adults in Daily Care
University of Massachusetts Lowell researchers are among the scientists behind a new initiative to develop robotics and artificial-intelligence systems designed to improve the quality of life for senior citizens.
Research advocates for fixes to income-driven repayment
Two recent reports are highlighting the need for reforms to income-driven plans for paying back student loans, as the repayment pause ends early next year and the Department of Education looks to create a new plan through the regulatory process.
What's the Point of a Fake Pot Plant?
One company wants its artificial cannabis décor to start conversations about the potential benefits of weed.
Not everyone has a green thumb.
Holly Jean Buck and Joseph Kunkel to present at The World Around In Focus: Land
Dezeen has teamed up with The World Around to live-stream its In Focus: Land event on 22 October, an afternoon of free online talks exploring the complex post-colonial issues of land use in the 21st century.
Gender stereotypes may be keeping girls away from the highest paying jobs
Gender stereotypes begin in early childhood. Bright pink 'toys for girls' and blue 'toys for boys' are sold on store shelves around the world.
Facebook set to rebrand itself with new parent company name: report | CBC News
Facebook Inc., under fire from regulators and lawmakers over its business practices, is planning to rebrand itself with a new group name that focuses on the metaverse, the Verge reported on Tuesday.
Longer Mosquito Seasons-Like the One We Just Had-Could Be Our Future | Washingtonian (DC)
You didn't imagine it: Mosquitoes really have been hanging around longer than usual.
Watch a live talk on Canadian design with Leslie Jen, David Fortin and Andrew King
Dezeen has teamed up with architecture and design firm Lemay to host a live talk exploring Canadian design. Watch live from 4pm London time on 20 October.
Police IT buyers should compel suppliers to prove AI claims
Criminal justice sector (CJS) bodies procuring artificial intelligence (AI) technologies should use their purchasing power to demand access to suppliers' systems to test and prove their claims about accuracy and bias, an expert witness has told a House of Lords inquiry.
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