Germany's Laschet takes rap for CDU's poll drubbing
Leader of Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and CDU/CSU party union candidate for chancellor Armin Laschet addresses the congress of the joint youth organisation of the CDU and CSU in Munster, on October 16th, 2021.
Merkel party leader urges unity after German election loss
The leader of outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel s party urged supporters Saturday to emulate the unity and discipline of their victorious opponents, declaring that it only can start winning again if members learn to stand together.
Germany: Preliminary Coalition Talks in Full Swing
Berlin, October 12th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) - The main negotiators of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), the left-wing, environmentalist Greens and the center-right pro-business party FDP had another ten-hour round of talks on Monday.
Germany's Merkel meets Israeli leaders on farewell visit
German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a final official visit to Israel on Sunday, saying she had been fortunate to play a key role in strengthening relations between the two countries after the horrors of the Holocaust during the Second World War.
Green leader: 'Long way' to go in talks to form German govt
A leader of one of the three parties holding talks on forming a new German government says the discussions have "a long way to go" and will have to bridge significant policy differences.
German government hopefuls wrap up 1st round of talks
The parties that hope for a share of power in Germany's next government are wrapping up a first set of meetings to sound out each others' positions and figure out who will try to form a coalition.
The Post-Merkel Era: German Conservatives Need to Take a Step Back
The five phases of grief as outlined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross are also applicable to the loss of power.
Germany's election result could soon be inspiring Europe's centre left | Martin Kettle
ermany's general election signals far more than just the end of the Angela Merkel era.
Angela Merkel congratulates Olaf Scholz on German election success
Angela Merkel and his main rival have congratulated Olaf Scholz on his weekend election win as he hopes to form a coalition that will make him Germany's next chancellor.
Post-election rifts emerge in Germany's centre-right alliance
A leading German conservative has made a public show of congratulating the Social Democrats' candidate on winning Sunday's national election in a sign of division within the centre-right alliance of outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel after it plunged to historic losses.