Dockerize an Express app in the development stage
Today, we will be dockerizing a NodeJS application built with Express and run with Nodemon. The working directory at the end would look like this.
We will break down our work into four parts.
12 Essential Docker Commands You Should Know
Photo by Aron Yigin on Unsplash ocker has become an integral part of software engineering.
We use Docker for development, testing, and deployment because it's easy to manage the environment.
Create Cloud Architecture with Diagrams for AWS, Azure, and GPC
Cloud computing consists of a tangled weave of data centers throughout the world.
Testing Britney Spears: Restoring Rights Can Be Rare and Difficult
To get out of conservatorship, the pop star will likely have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, an uneasy melding of legal standards and mental health criteria.
Perspective | Who can use the beach? Erosion, tide lines and state laws make a difference.
As Americans flock to beaches this summer, their toes are sinking into some of the most hotly contested real estate in the United States.
It wasn't always this way.
What Is A Flow State: The Psychology Behind & Its Benefits
Have you ever experienced a moment where everything is flowing with a sense of liquidity between body and mind? Did you feel totally absorbed in the moment and the focus was heightened?
US bid to keep Harry Dun suspect's job secret for 'national security'
The US government has urged civil courts in Virginia to keep the details of Anne Sacoolas's employment secret in the interests of "national security", as the parents Harry Dunn, have brought a damages claim against Ms Sacoolas and her husband over their son's death.
The importance of classifying analytics
Analytics are core to all modern SaaS applications.
Active record improvements and much more
Hi, Wojtek here presenting quite a lot of changes from the past week.
Dumping the schema is on by default for all databases in an application.
Yes you can use TikTok to advance your career. Here are 5 ways to do it
I promised myself I wasn't going to do it. I wasn't going to download TikTok and waste my time on another social app to watch influencers make up dances.