Eye-Tracking In Mobile UX Research - Smashing Magazine
Quick summary ↬ Eye-tracking, a method that measures where people are looking and for how long they are looking, became more accessible to UX research thanks to technology.
Wayne Couzens lodges appeal against whole-life sentence
The police officer who murdered Sarah Everard has lodged an appeal to reduce the length of his jail sentence.
Localbitcoins P2P Exchange Launches Mobile App for Android - Exchanges Bitcoin News
P2P Crypto Market Localbitcoins Offers Users Android App
Popular P2P crypto exchange Localbitcoins has presented a mobile application for traders around the world.
Hiring When You're Not FAANG
By: Don Macvittie on
Most of us are not FAANG, and we shouldn't act like we are.
Best Practices for Web Embeds
Learn how to use third-party web widgets efficiently in web apps
Third-party web widgets (also known as web embeds) are the most straightforward feature integration across web apps.
An Introduction to Angular
Angular is a TypeScript development platform and framework that's used to create single-page applications.
Angular has a complex history.
What is computer programming, exactly? A techie's guide | ZDNet
The 21st-century world runs on computers. And computers run on programs. Understanding computer programming unlocks the power of computing systems -- and programming opens career doors.
Alice-Insanity (Part One), or Why the Alice-Mayo Test Violates Due Process of Law
" Alice-Mayo, as is practiced by the USPTO and the Federal Circuit, is an exercise in capriciousness as well as a rote, near cliché babbling of meaningless words that falsely portend to be a cognizable standard of patent eligibility."
Explaining Kubernetes for Developers Who Know How to Code
However, once set up and configured properly, it's a powerful tool that can save developer time and application uptimes.
So when should one start using Kubernetes?