Unfiltered #7: Another "Big Move" Still Coming?!
Marlins topics covered on this podcast with Isaac Azout and Kevin Barral:
Enjoy Episode 7!
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'Gimme Shelter': Sacramento plans to give homeless residents the right to housing
Over the past few years, California governments have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the state's homelessness problem, but progress has been hard to see.
The eShop Gems Of The Year: 2021 Edition | All Things Nintendo
As we approach the end of 2021, every podcast and major outlet is starting to reflect on the best the year had to offer.
Sharing Sox Podcast 60: Look Out for a Lockout Edition
Having checked with their lawyers and been assured it's OK to talk about players and teams during the lockout as long as no money changes hands, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, wade into the morass that is Major League Baseball and try to figure out if the owners' proposal for a seven-team-per-league-one-guy-gets-a-bye-others-pick-their-opponents-and-the-winner-is-whoever's-mascot-can-jump-more-rows-into-the-crowd playoff system was merely meant as a bit of levity, or if they really are just tired of the whole thing and want the sport to fold.
'Lens of the West Coast': Inside the L.A. Times' new head of audio's plan to focus the publisher's podcasts - Digiday
by Sara Guaglione
The Game Awards 2021 Predictions | GI Show
The hot streak continues as we have another banger on this week's episode of T he Game Informer Show!
Morning mail: Labor to unveil emissions plan, Biden and Putin talks, surge in spiders
ood morning. Labor is set to reveal an emission reduction target. Biden and Putin are to hold talks about Ukraine. And energy debt in Australia is on the rise, as are spiders, mozzies, mice and mould.
Tarkine Startup Founder Sam Burke on Making Eco-Friendly Running Shoes That Last 600+ Miles - Strength Running
The act of lacing up your shoes to get out the door is a simple act for runners, but the story behind those shoes is much more complicated.
Solving the Cold Start Problem (w/ Andrew Chen)
In today's episode, my buddy Andrew Chen swings by and gave a virtual talk at my company Appsumo. Andrew is a general partner at a16z where he invests in consumer startups and marketplaces.
Talking Chop Podcast Episode 331: Kirby Yates, Marcell Ozuna and a pending lockout
Wednesday, Dec. 1 was a weird day in the world of Major League Baseball, with the sport's Collective Bargaining Agreement expiring at 11:59 pm ET.