Belarus vows tough response to new sanctions from west
Belarus has threatened to retaliate after the US, UK and other western countries introduced a new round of sanctions over its government's human rights abuses and the orchestration of a migration crisis on the border with Europe.
President of Belarus offers to host Russian nuclear weapons
The President of Belarus has said that his country would be ready to host Russian nuclear weapons if Nato moves US atomic bombs from Germany to eastern Europe.
'I'll try to get across': people camped out in Dunkirk still hope to reach UK
Everybody at the camp on the outskirts of Dunkirk, little more than a scrappy collection of tents with no toilets or running water, has heard about the 27 people who drowned on Wednesday.
Lukashenko says Belarusian troops may have helped refugees reach Europe
The Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko, has acknowledged that his troops probably helped Middle Eastern asylum seekers cross into Europe, in the clearest admission yet that he engineered the new migrant crisis on the border with the EU.
Fresh deployment drags British troops deeper into Europe's simmering border crises
The planned deployment of additional British troops to Poland comes amid accusations that Belarus is weaponising the thousands of migrants at the border and repeated warnings of a wider conflict breaking out in the region.
One-year-old Syrian child dies in forest on Poland-Belarus border
A one-year-old child from Syria has died in a forest in Poland near the border with Belarus, according to Polish medical workers, becoming the youngest known victim of the crisis on the eastern edge of the European Union.
Lukashenko has got the ear of the EU at last - but it won't help him
As migrants camped out in the woods prepared for another night of sub-zero temperatures, the Estonian foreign minister, Eva-Maria Liimets, on Tuesday revealed to an evening news programme the gist of what Alexander Lukashenko demanded of Angela Merkel in the first call between a European leader and Belarus's dictator in more than a year.
No man's land: inside the 19 November Guardian Weekly
As temperatures plummet on the European Union's eastern frontier, thousands of Middle Eastern migrantsremain strandedin the no man's land between Poland and Belarus.
Analysis | Why Iraqi Kurds Are Fleeing Their Peaceful Homeland
For many Americans and Europeans, news that thousands of Iraqi Kurds are among the refugees stranded on the border between Belarus and Poland might have come as a surprise.
Polish forces use water cannons on Belarus border as migrants hurl stones
BERLIN - Polish authorities used water cannons Tuesday to push back migrants trying to cross the country's border with Belarus, an escalation they said was overseen by Belarusian forces as part of a deepening battle with the European Union.