Columbia Room's Tasting Room Will Return With $120 Insect, Algae, and Mushroom Cocktail Menu
The first cocktail on the menu is a margarita-like sour with aquafaba (chickpea water, often used as a vegan substitute to egg whites) and black ants. 1The critters have an acidic smoky flavor, which Brown incorporates with citrus into a sour mix. 1("You will taste the ants," Brown assures.) 1The drink can be made with either tequila or a non-alcoholic agave distillate. 1
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College Park Opens Its Restaurant Row Parklet, Adding Outdoor Seating to Main Street
The city of College Park is transforming several parking spaces along its thriving restaurant row on Main Street into an outdoor dining area.
Grana opens at the Langham with breakfast and lunch
The Italian restaurant makes its debut Sept. 1.
A Pilgrimage To Meet Germany's Last Beer-Brewing Nun
Sister Doris Engelhard, a 72-year-old Franciscan nun and master brewer at the Mallersdorf Abbey brewery in northeastern Bavaria.
Are non-alcoholic drinks safe during pregnancy?
Some pregnant people craving a cocktail might turn to a non-alcoholic beer or wine as the safe option.
20 Wines Under $20: For When the Weather Is Sultry
The needs are different when it's hot and sticky: Lighter-bodied wines, more whites and rosés than reds, refreshment rather than solidity.
German on trial for killing 5, injuring 18 in car rampage
A 51-year-old man has gone on trial in Germany for a vehicle rampage that killed five people in the western city of Trier last year.
A Week Into Taliban Rule, One City's Glimpse of What the Future May Hold
In Kunduz, the new insurgent leaders said they had no quarrel with the people. But residents say they soon began instilling fear.
What Are The Top Cream Charger Brands? - Food & Beverage Magazine
Cream chargers have gained traction since their introduction in the mid-20th century, offering the ability to pump nitrous oxide (N2O) into liquids to aerate them.