RAF airlifts 102 people who had fled Afghanistan to UK
The RAF has airlifted more than 100 people who had left Afghanistan and were in a neighbouring third country to the UK, the government has announced.
Afghan national women's footballers among 100 evacuated from Kabul by Fifa
At least 20 women footballers are among 100 refugees evacuated by Fifa from Afghanistan, The Independent understands.
Afghan women and girls could die because Taliban gender rules block aid, charity says
Many Afghan women and girls could die because the Taliban 's strict gender separation rules prevent medical help from getting to them, an aid charity has warned.
FIFA evacuates 100 refugees from Kabul including women football players
FIFA has helped evacuate nearly 100 refugees from Afghanistan - including women football players - The Independent understands.
E.U. Plans $1.15 Billion in Aid to Stabilize Afghanistan Region
As the Group of 20 held a virtual summit on Afghanistan, the European Union announced Tuesday that it would provide one billion euros in aid - about $1.15 billion - for Afghanistan and neighboring countries helping Afghans fleeing the new Taliban government.
Reduced to Rubble, an Afghan Village Struggles to Rebuild
A small village outside Ghazni found itself on a critical supply artery in war-torn Afghanistan. It paid a heavy price.
Jim Huylebroek and
Top generals contradict Biden, say they urged him not to withdraw from Afghanistan
He also noted that in the fall of 2020, during the Trump administration, he advised that the U.S. maintain a force almost double the size, of 4,500 troops, in Afghanistan.
Turla APT Plants Novel Backdoor In Wake of Afghan Unrest
TinyTurla, simply coded malware that hides away as a legitimate Windows service, has flown under the radar for two years.
How One Family Fled Afghanistan and Was Reunited in New York City
Mohammad Wali, a U.S. citizen and a New Yorker, spent several harrowing days trying to evacuate his family from Afghanistan before they finally arrived last week.
MPs launch inquiry into UK 'catastrophe' in Afghanistan
A parliamentary committee has launched an inquiry into Boris Johnson's government policy for Afghanistan after the "catastrophic" fall of Kabul.