Neoliberal Brexiters are no friends of the 'red wall'
part from his bad luck in being struck twice by the need to go into isolation from Covid, the leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer has a huge, indeed historic, weight on his shoulders.
Tracking the Innovation Era: The Curve of Innovative Technologies
"We are living during an era when, in the last decade, new and powerful technologies are emerging, and boldly so."
Tackling the Enduring Mysteries of Dante's Life
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DANTE A Life By Alessandro Barbero Translated by Allan Cameron
Beyond the cart: 12 sexy home bar designs
'In 2021, the home bar has come out of the closet!'' Heather Vaughan of Heather Vaughan Design ( www.heathervaughandesign.com) proclaims.
Reading a File Into a Spark RDD (Scala Cookbook recipe)
This is an excerpt from the Scala Cookbook, 2nd Edition. 1This is Recipe 20.2, Reading a File Into an Apache Spark RDD. 1
You want to start reading data files into a Spark RDD. 1
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How Trump Stole ChristmasAnd Why Evangelicals Rally to Their Savior
Before Donald Trump had spoken a word Sunday, Dec. 19, at First Baptist Dallas it would've been understandable if those in attendance had trouble remembering the reason for the season.
Mathews: It's time to disband California's local school boards
If California's local school board members won't accept unfair criticism, questionable recall votes, or verbal abuse, then California should do away with school boards entirely.