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Artificial intelligence
AI rockets ahead in vacuum of U.S. regulation
State of play: "It's a patchwork system [of AI regulation] in the United States," with some laws around transparency and preventing discrimination from AI on the state level but only early moves at the federal level, Jessica Newman, who leads the AI Security Initiative at the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, told Axios.
"I still think there's a long way to go and I would love to see federal AI regulation that is more comprehensive," Newman said.
Driving the news: This week, the National Institutes for Science and Technology, part of the Department of Commerce, put out a long-awaited AI framework, meant to give companies guidance on using, designing or deploying AI systems.
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Tech industry
A New Area of A.I. Booms, Even Amid the Tech Gloom
The lab is in talks to complete a deal that would value it at around $29 billion, more than twice its valuation in 2021, two people with knowledge of the discussions said.
The potential deal where OpenAI would sell existing company shares in a so-called tender offer could total $300 million, depending on how many employees agree to sell their stock, they said.
The company is also in discussions with Microsoft which invested $1 billion in it in 2019 for additional funds, two people said.
No area has created more excitement than generative artificial intelligence, the term for technology that can generate text, images, sounds and other media in response to short prompts.
Investors, pundits and journalists have talked up artificial intelligence for years, but the new wave the result of more than a decade of research represents a more powerful and more mature breed of A.I.
Ultimately, it could provide a new way of interacting with almost any software, letting people chat with computers and other devices as if they were chatting with another person.
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Warning that London risks becoming exclusive enclave of elites'
London's mix of high performing schools, aspirational communities, and world leading industries have long been ideal conditions for social mobility, but this is under threat, warned Lee Elliot Major, Professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter.
This is partly due to escalating rents, socially segregated schools and the rise of elite unpaid internships, he said.
He said it is possible for areas of high social mobility such as London to transform into exclusive and stagnant communities if high performing schools become middle class enclaves and inequality in earnings balloons.
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Los Angeles
Five injured when car crashes into Trader Joe's in Northern California
Five people were injured Thursday when a car crashed into a Trader Joe's store in Alameda County, fire officials said.
The incident was reported around 5 p.m. at the market in Castro Valley.
Photos taken at the scene show a silver sedan sitting near the middle of the store, surrounded by the Trader Joe's ephemera and firefighters.
Five people had minor to moderate injuries in the crash.
The driver, who had accelerated into the store from the parking lot, is cooperating with authorities, California Highway Patrol Officer Dan Jacowitz told the Bay City News wire service.
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San Francisco 49ers
Kurtenbach: Collision theory - Can the 49ers balance physicality, longevity with Lance, Deebo?
At some point, you got to impose your will on people."
But how does head coach and offensive play-caller Kyle Shanahan balance that imposition with the need to keep the team's top players - specifically Samuel and Lance - healthy and available for the full 17-game season?
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Tech industry
Super helpful summary.
Can 'the Merge' Save Crypto?
Ethereum, the most popular crypto platform, appears to have successfully upgraded its software architecture from a type of blockchain known as "proof of work," which it has run since its inception in 2015, to a type of blockchain known as "proof of stake."
This upgrade, which came to be called, simply, "the merge," is already being heralded as a watershed moment in the history of crypto.
Ethereum used to be secured by a network of high-powered computers that competed against each other to solve cryptographic puzzles, burning vast amounts of energy in the process. Now, it will be secured by a process known as "staking," which involves investors agreeing to deposit their crypto coins in a shared pool in exchange for a chance to earn financial rewards.
There are other benefits to the merge - it's expected to make Ethereum faster and more efficient in the long run - but the environmental footprint is the big, immediate improvement.
The new Ethereum blockchain will still burn Ether, but it won't need to create as much new Ether to pay out rewards to participants. That means that the overall supply of Ether could shrink, increasing the value of existing coins.
These regulators are worried about stablecoins, Ponzi schemes, state-sponsored ransomware attacks and investors losing their money to opaque crypto-lending schemes.
The merge doesn't address any of that.
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Marketing tech
San Francisco Giants
SF Giants News: Zaidi would like to see Pederson and Rodon back in 2023
Per a piece from Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area, Farhan Zaidi recently said that an extension for Pederson is possible within the next few weeks. He also said that the Giants would really like to see Rodón return as well, but they are aware of the reality of the situation, but said that they would love to see him back.
But we'll see if Rodón has better luck, as he has expressed interest in returning as well.
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Germany news
Germany: Government Changes Social Welfare System, Increases Amounts
Berlin, September 15th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) - Germans who were employed and paid their public unemployment insurance for at least a year will receive unemployment benefits. They can expect 60 to 67 percent of their former salary for up to two years. If they do not manage to find a job, they will fall back into social welfare.
The federal government wants to call it 'Bürgergeld' ('Citizen's Money').
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Making Line Chart - and Step Line Chart - in JavaScript
You can follow along with this tutorial to learn how to quickly create beautiful interactive line (and step-line) charts using JavaScript. We'll look at some cool examples and build them step by step, which will make the process both clear and entertaining.
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