Great tactical advice here on CMO hiring from a CEO legend.
How To Engage With The CMO - The Startup CEO blog
One of the key ways to engage with the CMO is to include them in meetings with the rest of the go-to-market (GTM) executives as a group, not in a silo. While of course I have always had 1:1 meetings with my CMO, I find that the most valuable conversations are the ones with the GTM group as a group, talking about shared objectives and the underlying drivers and coordination points to get there.
On the other end of the spectrum, I find it very useful to create a thinking session with the CMO, where we take time away from the day-to-day to do deep dives on strategic topics like the company's positioning, voice, or brand.
The last few CMOs we had at Return Path were all promoted into the role - so I got to know them pretty extensively ahead of time.
Of course, you can say the same thing for the other functional departments, but marketing is more acute based on the average tenure of CMOs.
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