Alright, I'm in! Where can we try it in the states?
This Seriously Hipster Bean Is Coffee's Best Hope for Survival
In south London, Nigel Motley is one of the very few UK-based coffee shop owners also extolling the virtues of the liberica bean. Liberica coffee is widely grown in the Philippines, where Motley's mother is from, and there it is called barako, which loosely translates as "stud" and has strong associations with masculinity. "It's seen as this horrendously strong coffee that would give you fuel for the day," says Motley. One of the reasons for the jarring taste is that liberica beans tend to be oddly shaped with pointy tips that can burn easily while roasting.
But a delicate lighter roast can bring out a different side to the bean, Motley says.
As temperatures rise, it could make more coffee-growing regions susceptible to leaf rust disease -the infection that sparked the rise of liberica more than a century ago.
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