What a horror story. And my oh my, how incestuous silicon valley is.
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Apple destroyed my 7-figure business, unjustly,...

During the early days of the iOS App Store, I built a thriving business.
Our apps had millions of downloads, were pushing 7-figures in revenue, and had been featured by Apple multiple times.
I checked to make sure the email really came from Apple, which it did. Sure enough, all of my apps had been removed from the App Store.
The angel had seeded this person's before it was acquired by Apple. The angel was such an influential figure that nobody turned down a request from him.
They revealed that stolen credit cards had been used to buy my apps, but wouldn't tell me anything more.
It's an evil genius, black hat tactic to buy a competitor's apps using stolen credit cards in order to make them a target and get them banned.
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