There has to be a balance to be struck here. It seems likely that AI will be used to replace jobs where workers are already abused by low wages. There must be a happy medium where craft can be maintained and workers treated fairly while AI picks up where humans simply can't keep up. This especially has to be the case for such a specialized and beautiful art form like anime. #AI #Art #Anime #laborrights #Netflix
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Artificial intelligence

Netflix Made an Anime Using AI Due to a 'Labor Shortage,' and Fans Are Pissed
As an experimental effort to help the anime industry, which has a labor shortage, we used image generation technology for the background images of all three-minute video cuts!
This has been a central tension since image-generation AI took off last year, as many artists see the tools as unethicaldue to being trained on masses of human-made art scraped from the internetand cudgels to further cut costs and devalue workers.
In 2017, an illustrator died while working, allegedly of a stress-induced heart attack and stroke; in 2021, the reported salary of low-rung anime illustrators was as little as $200 a month, forcing some to reconsider the career as a sustainable way to earn a living while having a life outside work, buying a home, or supporting children.
As the use of AI art becomes more commonplace, artists are revolting against their craft being co-opted by algorithms and their work being stolen to use in datasets that create AI-generated art.
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