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This might be the coolest design portfolio you'll ever see
(Image credit: Bruno Simon)
We've seen plenty of amazing design portfolios here at Creative Bloq, and the common thread among all of them is how they present both work and information in unexpected ways.But this is definitely the first time we've driven a car around somebody's curriculum vitae.Paris-based creative developer Bruno Simon has certainly created one of the most fun design portfolios out there, letting the user drive a virtual car between his projects and experience using a keyboard.
Graphic design
Forget smart lamps, these modular pixelated LED panels let you practically design your own ambiance - Yanko Design
NFTs? Who needs them when you can make your own art on these pixelated panels!?The Twinkly Squares are a series of endlessly modular 8×8 LED panels that contain a total of 64 individually addressable LEDs.Use them as individual units or pair them together to create the canvas you want, creating wonderfully lo-fi art pieces that complement your space and add a touch of light and color to your home/tech/gaming setup.
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8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Unique Photo Galleries
Photo galleries are a must-have feature for just about every type of website.Businesses, non-profits, and bloggers alike can use them to inform and entertain visitors.It's also a feature that inspires a high level of creativity.That makes perfect sense, as the ability to present images uniquely helps you stand out.
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These AI-generated personal gear designs takes your fashion accessories game to the next level - Yanko Design
Artificial intelligence has been a hot-button topic right now in the creative industry.Whichever side of the "debate" you may fall on, we have to admit that the democratization of things like graphic design, product concepts, and digital creativity has certainly made things a bit more interesting, albeit controversial.
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M&M's switch to Ma&Ya's is branding genius
Just when we thought we were done caring about the branding of M&M's, the brand does something else to get people talking.The company recently announced it was dropping its 'spokescandies' because the desexualisation of the green M&M had upset people so much.M&M's told the world it had replaced the candies with comic Maya Rudolph.
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25 Tutorials for Getting the Most Out of DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve has a price point that can't be beaten: it's free!It's a professional-level tool for video editing that's accessible to everyone.You can use it for an entire edit, from ingesting footage to exporting a finished, Hollywood-grade video.Want even more power in your edit?Resolve is made up of other more powerful modules inside one package.
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Samsung M8 Smart Monitor review
Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Specs
There are things we absolutely love about the Samsung M8 Smart Monitor and there are things that we really don't like about it.It's one of those products that's kind of hard to give a fair rating on because, while it offers so much and it does what it's supposed to do, there are things that the manufacturer has dropped the ball on that it should not have.
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How To Make A Design Portfolio With Notion
If you're reading this, I assume you are searching for a free alternative to paid portfolio sites like Squarespace, Semplice or even Webflow.Well you're at the right place.I have previously used Notion for hosting both my portfolios (UI/UX and Illustration) and it worked just fine.Instead of breaking the bank on expensive site providers where I would procrastinate to update new projects every 3 months, it was relatively easier to have a Notion page provide similar (a bit toned down) features for free.
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Defending Designs is Unconventional, Let's Be Real
As I was in my last meeting of the day with stakeholders, one of them asked, "why is it this way and not this way?" in regard to my design.For a second I went blank.I knew there was a reason I landed on this particular design decision, but I could not fully articulate that thought process.
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Rolex asks a children's clock company to rebrand
(Image credit: Rolex / Oyster & Pop)
In the image above, we have a Rolex Oyster Perpetual priced at £5,400 and an Oyster & Pop children's educational clock priced at £20.87.Could the similarity between the two cause confusion?The Swiss luxury watchmaker is concerned that it could.
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The green M&M scandal just got even more ridiculous
(Image credit: Mars Wrigley/Future owns)
Who would have thought that a makeover of the M&M's characters would cause such Earth-shattering controversy and reach such a tragic end (we use the word 'tragic' loosely)?Around a year ago, we reported with some amusement on the fury that greeted the confectionery brand's decision to make a few tweaks to its character designs.