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How blogs shaped the web | Chase McCoy
I have a lot of nostalgia for the era of blogging that I grew up with during the first decade or so of the 2000s.Of course there was a ton of great content about technology and internet culture, but more importantly to me it was a time of great commentary and experimentation on the form of blogging and publishing.
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As a user, I don't want to
Since their invention in 1997, user stories have become ubiquitous.The simple format of "as X, I want Y so that I can Z" has helped countless software teams stay focused on the value they are providing for their customers.In theory.Scrum manuals and Agile coaches have drilled the format into product owners for decades, to the point that "user story" and "ticket" have become nearly synonymous.
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The Non-Traditional Path to UX Design: From Serving My Country to Serving User Needs
Sometimes, circumstances outside of our control lead us down paths we never anticipated.For me, that path was UX design and the pivoting moment for me was during my army deployment.In this post, I'll share how I discovered UX design and how it has become a passion of mine.In 2016, I enlisted in the US Army Reserves as a Preventive Medicine Specialist, and after my training period, I was back in my civilian life.
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Stop Talking About The Value of UX-UX Reflection #6
This is a weekly series I write as a reflection on my week.This is the week 6.😊
This week quote comes from the book " Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work "

"When people have the opportunity to collect information from the world, they are more likely to select information that supports their preexisting attitudes, beliefs, and actions."
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7 Design Podcasts that Changed My Career (Every Designer should listen)
As a Designer, I am always on the lookout for new ways to enhance my skills, learn new techniques, and keep myself updated with the latest industry trends and been sharing it on the Youtube Channe l.Over the years, I have discovered that podcasts are an excellent way to achieve these objectives after Books.
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Conducting a UX design workshop with your team in Figjam
A step-by-step guide on how to collaborate with your team to generate ideas on a feature.Why run a design workshop you ask?As a designer, I can confidently say that running a UX design workshop with your team is a game-changer.Not only does it teach valuable problem-solving skills, but it also fosters innovation, teamwork, and can give your organisation a competitive edge.
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Figma prototyping for beginners: the basics features and tips you should know
Creating prototypes is an essential part of your work process as a product designer.An interactive prototype is a valuable tool for explaining the designs you are working on to your team, clients, stakeholders, and users.It wasn't that long ago that a product designer had to learn a lot of tricks to make a good prototype, and Invision was the only tool to do that.
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How a Web Designer Can Be Inspired by Architecture
Have you ever noticed how everything around us is designed?From the buildings we work to the bridges we cross, the way things look and feel has a huge impact on our lives.As a web or mobile designer, it's easy to see how the principles of design apply to everything, including architecture.When I travel to new countries or head to work, I can't help but take notice of the buildings around me.
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5 ways to involve your team in continuous product discovery
Observing users interacting with your product or discussing their needs, problems, or desires can be incredibly impactful for building a successful product.I'm sure you know it and already doing it.But do you do it regularly?Do you involve your team in this process?How often do you present the insights?
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Mastering the Basics of Good Search UX
A search bar is an essential component of a website that helps users find the information they need quickly and efficiently.It is particularly useful for websites that have a large amount of content.With a search bar, users can quickly and easily find what they're looking for, which can lead to higher page views and longer time on site.
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Setting Yourself Apart as a Job Candidate
Embracing the Cover Letter

By providing a well-written cover letter, you can demonstrate what would be in it for the employer if they were to hire you....

You've found an open position that fits your goals, at a company that you respect, and you've put in the time and effort to fill out their lengthy employee application form and have uploaded the resume you've painstakingly modified for the position-an annoyance I'll discuss at another time.