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3h ago 
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Impact-driven design: getting the results you want
It is a great tool to get clear about design strategy as well: the goals we want to achieve matched with activities (features, service offering, etc) are both at the center of product development - and a Theory of Change.
3h ago 
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How do you measure UX? It depends on how you define 'UX'
When you hear "measuring UX", many people immediately think of the Google HEART framework.
Beware the Cut 'n' Paste Persona
This Person Does Not Exist is a website that generates human faces with a machine learning algorithm. It takes real portraits and recombines them into fake human faces.
5h ago 
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5 approaches for sustainable UX
An experience, which is what UX designers tries to create, can be defined as:
Learn design basics and powerful creation apps like Adobe CC with these courses
TLDR: The Ultimate Learn to Design Training Bundle helps art learners explore digital creation in all its forms with some of the industry's most powerful tools.
5h ago 
from Medium
An overview of mapping techniques used in UX Design Process
Mapping is one of the most effective ways of presenting your findings and insights to your team and stakeholders.
How Design Thinking Can Improve Public Sector IT
Eleven years ago, an Office of Management and Budget memo pushed the concepts of Agile and DevOps into the mainstream government consciousness by stating that "the Federal Government has not taken full advantage of this transformation due to poor management of its technology investments."
6-10-14 rapid prototyping: a remote group activity recharges your UX team
This activity helps us to reconnect with co-workers in a way we never experienced before.
"Describe how you're feeling as you wrap-up this week."
Visual Testing Handbook
Visual testing is a pragmatic yet precise way to verify the look of UI components. It's practiced by companies like Slack, Lonely Planet, and Walmart.
Ben Vessey
Dynamo wallpapers utilise automation Shortcuts to change dynamically based on your iPhones battery life, and when your phone is on charge.