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OPINION | If Edward Rogers referred to Masai Ujiri as 'arrogant,' he gave the game away | CBC Sports
Six years ago I tried to initiate a move between departments at the Toronto Star, from business, where newsroom leadership sent me in 2011, back to sports, where I had spent most of my time and energy.
What you should know before going trick-or-treating in Ontario this Halloween
TORONTO -- Kids in Ontario will be allowed to go trick-or-treating this year, but may have to refrain from saying that same phrase in exchange for candy on Halloween night.
OPINION | Canada at COP26: A time for leadership | CBC News
The upcoming UN climate conference, combined with the recent election results, provide the Canadian government with a renewed mandate to tackle climate change.
Women take charge of key portfolios in Justin Trudeau's new cabinet | CBC News
As any student of government will tell you, there are traditional levers of power in Ottawa: Finance, Foreign Affairs and Defence.
100 days to Beijing, Canadian Olympians are kicking it into high gear | CBC Sports
The sports calendar was thrown completely out of whack after the unprecedented year-long postponement of the Tokyo Summer Olympics.
How a stranger used CPR to save a GTA mom - and why the Red Cross wants you to know about it | CBC News
Less than a month after delivering her baby girl, 27-year-old Anastasiya Kaczmarek never would have imagined she would have a sudden cardiac arrest.
Surgery patients monitored virtually do better than those seeing doctors in person, Canadian study indicates | CBC News
Patients who underwent non-elective surgery and used technology for remote monitoring had better outcomes a month after their release from hospital compared to people who were asked to go see their doctors for followup concerns, a new Canadian study has found.
City able to buy west-end rooming house to keep rooms affordable, councillor says | CBC News
The City of Toronto is in a position to buy a west end rooming house and a downtown councillor says he fully supports the plan because Toronto is dire need of affordable housing.
Toronto police release photo of vehicle seen 'driving aggressively away' from fatal shooting scene
TORONTO -- Police have released an image of a vehicle seen "driving aggressively away from the scene" of a daylight shooting in North York Saturday afternoon that left a 24-year-old man dead.
Marchers call for safer roads 2 weeks after crash near High Park kills older couple | CBC News
More than 100 people walked down a major road at the eastern edge of High Park on Tuesday to demand safer streets two weeks after a crash killed an older couple.