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A Nike Executive Seeks a Family's Forgiveness for a 1965 Murder
Barbara Mack hugged Larry Miller after he apologized for killing her brother, Edward David White. But if she were 30 years younger, she told him, "I would have been across that table at you."
How Pat Riley Quit on the Knicks
In a book excerpt, a writer details the Knicks' infighting and the tense contract negotiations that led Coach Pat Riley to leave for the Miami Heat in 1995.
Naomi Osaka Returns, Ready or Not
After a tumultuous year and a four-month layoff during which she questioned what she wanted from tennis, Osaka is back on the court. "I'm not sure if this is going to work out well."
Why Can't We Turn Away From the N.F.L.?
The exploding viewership for N.F.L. games and the league's ever-expanding season resist all scandal and reason. Our columnist asks why.
The N.F.L. does not care about your concerns.
Stafford, Beckham Get Playoff Vindication in Rams Win
Matthew Stafford and Odell Beckham Jr., prolific stars without postseason wins, propelled the Rams to a wild-card round victory over the Cardinals on Monday.
Pelicans Choose to Remain Upbeat, Not Beaten Down
New Orleans guard Josh Hart is assembling his most complete pro season under a new coach who is relentlessly positive, and for a team that is still missing Zion Williamson.
Alone With a Basketball, a Hoop, and Covid
Separated from his family, he launched jump shots in the driveway and wondered: Will we ever properly mourn the ones we've lost? Will we ever smile again? The answers were hit or miss.
What We Learned in the N.F.L.'s Wild-Card Round
The 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo managed their game plan just well enough to upset the Cowboys, but blowouts around the rest of the wild-card matchups showed the folly of playoff expansion.
Cowboys Come Up Short Against 49ers Long Before Clunky Finish
The No. 6-seeded 49ers upset the No. 3-seeded Cowboys after a chaotic final drive that will prolong Dallas's disappointment.
Rafael Nadal Returns to Australian Open With More Modest Expectations
The 20-time Grand Slam tournament champion has cut himself, and even his rival, Novak Djokovic, some slack. "I want to be back on the tour, even if the preparation is not fantastic," he said.