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The world is watching: TV hits around the globe
Pierre Langlais, TV critic at Télérama: 'Hypocrate is code red all the time - it's very powerful'
Podemos defends push to change Spain's controversial 'gag law'
The leader of Spain's Podemos party has defended the coalition government's push to change its predecessor's "gag law", calling it "the greatest blow to civil and political liberties" since the country's return to democracy.
Germany 'at crossroads' as Covid cases surge across Europe
Germany's top health officials have raised the prospect of a national lockdown, warning that a rapidly rising number of coronavirus cases and a dramatic increase in the number of patients in intensive care meant contact reduction was the only way of tackling the crisis and avoiding "the road to chaos".
Spanish police recover rare 2,000-year-old Iberian sword
More than 2,000 years after it was last wielded by a warrior somewhere on the Iberian peninsula, a rare, magnificent - and plundered - sword has been recovered by Spanish police who tracked it down before it was sold online.
Alleged cryptocurrency con artist arrested on Spain's Costa del Sol
Police have arrested an alleged cryptocurrency fraudster who is suspected of swindling his victims out of more than €500,000 (£421,000) while living a life of luxury on the Costa del Sol, staying in exclusive hotels and villas, eating in expensive restaurants and buying designer clothes.
Pandemic hits mental health of women and young people hardest, survey finds
Young people and women have taken the hardest psychological and financial hit from the pandemic, a YouGov survey has found - but few people anywhere are considering changing their lives as a result of it.
Spanish rightwing party leader under fire for attending Franco mass
Leftwing parties in Spain have demanded explanations after the leader of the rightwing People's party (PP) "inadvertently" attended a mass over the weekend where prayers were said for the soul of Francisco Franco on the 46th anniversary of the dictator's death.
Sign of the times: row over street art shines light on Spain's divisions
For the past 11 months, the two walls that make up a street corner in east Madrid have engaged in a mute but bitter debate that mirrors the faultlines, fights and ferocities of Spanish politics.
Voters in west divided more by identity than issues, survey finds
People are divided more deeply by identity than by issues, according to a survey that suggests the culture wars are mostly being fuelled by partisanship and that voters have more in common than many think.
Spain scraps visa requirement for UK touring musicians
The music industry has welcomed the decision of the Spanish government to scrap visa requirements for UK artists on short-term tours.