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6 Funny Parenting Stories That Prove Kids Are Always Paying Attention
Every parent has been there.
22 Great Dads on Their New Year's Resolutions
New Year's resolutions are easily dismissed as obligatory or arbitrary or downright unrealistic.
7 Assumptions About Stay At Home Dads That Need to Stop
Although there is not much research on how many men in the United States are stay-at-home fathers, a Pew research report from five years ago found that two million fathers were not working outside of the home, and the National At-Home Dad Network believes there are some seven million dads who are the primary caregivers for their kids.
UK Government Considering Social Media Curfew for Kids
In an age of unfettered access to social media and the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices, parents have been asking a lot of questions about what effects all of this screen time may be having on their children.
Why CHIP Matters to American Families
Since the Children's Health Insurance Program was proposed by then-President Bill Clinton (with significant support from First Lady Hillary Clinton) and made law through the hard work of Senators Orrin Hatch and Edward Kennedy 20 years ago, the program has counted on and received support from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.
Watch These Parents Start a Massive On-Court Brawl During Kid's Basketball Game
A youth basketball game in Las Vegas was unexpectedly interrupted when a group of parents engaged in a massive brawl that ended up on the court.
Does my child really need the COVID-19 vaccine? A guide for parents of 5-11-year-olds
With a COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 expected to be authorized for emergency use, many parents have lingering questions about how to proceed.
Sweden probes foreign adoptions since 1950s over possible abuses
Sweden will launch an official investigation into the adoption of thousands of foreign children since the 1950s.
Here's what could happen if divorced parents disagree on whether their kid should get a COVID-19 vaccine
If divorced parents don't agree about whether their child should be vaccinated, it could become a legal issue that ends up in court.
Yes, Work Is An Escape From Your Kids. And That's Fine
Work is an escape from dirty diapers, for better or for worse.