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Anzu Enters Hot Gaming Market in China with Chen Zeng Appointed to Lead Expansion
After closing a USD $9m (£6.5m) funding round led by WPP and Sony, Anzu's venture into China comes as no surprise.
Pandemic sees digital consumption rise 30%+, forming lasting consumer habits | What's New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
No one doubts that the media disruption from COVID-19 was both rapid and severe, but data suggest that brands were largely able to adapt to the immediate shifts in consumer behaviour.
The Ad Tech Tax: Coming Soon to a TV Buyer Near You | AdExchanger
Linear TV and digital buying teams historically lived in different worlds. Teams were separate within organizations and made up of talent with different skill sets and experience.
Twitter Touts Brand Safety At NewFronts; Epic And Apple Battle In Court | AdExchanger
Who needs the razzle dazzle? There's nothing sexier than safety and incremental reach, and Twitter touted both during its NewFronts presentation on Wednesday.
Verizon's data privacy limits contributed to the demise of its media ambitions
The promise of owning content to deliver ads fueled by mobile subscriber data was a powerful lure driving Verizon to acquire two of the web's oldest and best-known media brands. 1
"Once you get over the privacy hurdle, there is a huge opportunity," she said. 1
"It changes your strategy," he said. 1
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Why Is Ad Tech Targeting So Bad?
Previously we showed that ad tech targeting was bad. But skeptical marketers, who had already spent millions on the ad tech magic sauce, didn't want to believe it.
Why Microsoft Is Giving Away Some Data Integration To Sell More Ads
Taking a page from Gillette's brilliant marketing strategy of giving away the razors and selling the razor blades, Microsoft this week announced it is giving away a valuable add-on to its massive consumer database so it can sell more advertising to marketers.
Game On: Zynga Will Spend $250 Million To Acquire Mobile Ad Company Chartboost | AdExchanger
Zynga is buying in-app growth and mobile monetization platform Chartboost for $250 million.
It's an excellent exit for a company that's only raised $21 million since its $2 million Series A in 2011.
Future of Media
We take you to where marketing meets media, going inside the world's biggest publishers, platforms and broadcasters as we explore how to plan and buy advertising in a rapidly evolving media world.
AdGear Founders Raise $3.6 Million For New Data Privacy Venture | AdExchanger
The founders of AdGear - a Canadian DSP and ad server acquired by Samsung Ads in 2016 - raised $3.6 million in seed funding to build a SaaS data connectivity platform called Optable.