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It was a sad spectacle. Here was an ageing comic confronted by a shrinking audience, his jokes landing with a thud, his star beginning to fade.
Two weeks from now, the Trump Administration plans to execute a forty-year-old man named Brandon Bernard.
So far, the members of Joe Biden's foreign policy team are all veterans of Barack Obama's administration.
Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, said on Wednesday it would be easy to solve the country's problems with the US so long as Joe Biden stuck to the commitments he made on the campaign trail.
'We're at war with a virus, not with one another,' US President-elect Joe Biden said in a pre-Thanksgiving holiday address.
Joe Scarborough had been discussing Joe Biden's cabinet, Donald Trump's delusions and America's battered claim to be the indispensable nation when the conversation took an unexpected turn.
President-elect Joe Biden has relentlessly mocked President Donald Trump for golfing during multiple American crises, which, now that Trump is on his way out of town, raises the question: Does Biden have a golf habit of his own?
A catchweight fire-fight between Luke Sanders and Nate Maness opened the UFC Vegas 15 card, and ended with Nate Maness coming out on top.
And frankly thin on paper.
o far, Joe Biden has avoided one of the biggest potential pitfalls of the transition process that will end with him moving into the White House: infuriating the left wing of the Democratic party.