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Former Guantanamo Special Envoy Advocates For Prison's Closure
NPR's Sacha Pfeiffer speaks with Lee Wolosky, former special envoy for Guantanamo under President Obama, about what it would take for President Biden to shut down the detention facility.
Deadly Protests Against Economic Inequality And Police Brutality Continue In Colombia
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with Sergio Guzman, co-founder and Director of the Colombia Risk Analysis political consultancy, about protests in Colombia.
Supreme Court Wraps Up Term
The Supreme Court has concluded oral arguments for this year's term, which featured remote sessions and a new justice.
California Man Arrested In Suspected Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Card Operation
A California bar owner has been arrested for allegedly selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards in what's believed to be the first thwarted scheme of its kind.
Massachusetts Pioneers Rules For Police Use Of Facial Recognition Tech
Massachusetts lawmakers passed one of the first state-wide restrictions of facial recognition as part of a sweeping police reform law.
N-Word Ipsa Loquitur
On Friday, writing on the Volokh Conspiracy, Professors Randall Kennedy and Eugene Volokh noted apparent hypocrisy on the Above the Law pages.
Morning Docket: 05.07.21
* Lawsuits were filed mere minutes after Florida's new election reform was signed into law. Those attorneys must be fast typers... [ Newsweek]
One Court On High With 12 Circuits Below
The Supreme Court sits high atop the hierarchy of federal courts. Right beneath the Supreme Court sit the federal courts of appeals.
Get To Voting, Folks!!! - See Also
Lights, Camera, Vote: Our annual Law Revue contest is live.
St. Louis circuit attorney faces ethics complaint related to probe of former governor
St. Louis circuit attorney faces ethics complaint related to probe of former governor