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If you are in your twenties listen up Here's w...
Here’s what I wish I could tell my younger self:

Be kind to others and especially yourself. 1

You will become much happier, fulfilled, and more pleasant to be around.

Kindness goes beyond being ‘nice’ or polite - 1

it is about being intentional and going above and beyond to extend your compassion.

Everything takes time 1

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Darwin's Greatest Regret and His Deathbed Reflection on What Makes Life Worth Living
A century before an encyclopedia titled Natural Wonders Every Child Should Know fell into Alan Turing's child-hands and seeded the ideas that bloomed into the computing revolution, an encyclopedia titled Wonders of the World fell into the child-hands of Charles Darwin (February 12, 1809-April 19, 1882), seeding in him the passion for travel to remote wonderlands of nature that took him aboard the Beagle to make the observations that ultimately came abloom in his evolutionary revolution.
Love and Limerence: How Psychologist Dorothy Tennov Revolutionized Attachment Theory with Her Revelatory Research into the Confusions of Loving
"Love is like a fever which comes and goes quite independently of the will," Stendhal wrote in his landmark 1822 "crystallization" model of how we fall in and out of love.
Trailblazing Composer Julia Perry on Music as the Universal Language of Love and Mutual Understanding
Julia Perry (March 25, 1924-April 25, 1979) studied at Juilliard, studied in Paris, spent more than a decade composing a haunting opera based on the Salem witch trials, wrote an operatic ballet based on Oscar Wilde's almost unbearably tender book The Selfish Giant and a stunning orchestral requiem for Vivaldi, and went on to fuse the European classical tradition with African spirituals in extraordinary, deeply original music spanning nearly every classical genre, pulsating with an indiscriminate love all that is human, soulful, and therefore beautiful.
Life, Death, and What Fills the Interlude with Meaning: Nathaniel Hawthorne's Touching Diary Reflections on His Dying Mother and His Five-Year-Old Daughter
It is said that Orlando, inspired by the passionate real-life love Virginia Woolf shared with Vita Sackville-West, is "the longest and most charming love letter in literature" - said by Vita's own son.
Shifting the Silence to Find the Meaning: 95-Year-Old Artist, Poet, and Philosopher Etel Adnan on How to Live and How to Die
"When you realize you are mortal you also realize the tremendousness of the future.
Women in Trees: Sweet and Subversive Vintage Photographs of Defiant Delight
It was always a rapture, a rebellion, a gauntlet against gravity and girlhood - skulking past the teachers, pushing through the boys, and racing across the schoolyard to climb the colossal walnut tree, whose feisty fractal vivacity mocked the bleak Brutalist architecture of my elementary school in Bulgaria.
Gravity, Grace, and What Binds Us: Poet Jane Hirshfield's Timeless Hymn to Love and the Proud Scars of the Heart
In the autumn of 1664, when the black plague shrouded the world in a deadly pandemic and universities sent their students home for a quarantine the end of which no one could foresee, a young man besotted with mathematics, motion, and light returned to his illiterate mother's orchard, where he watched an apple fall.
When Your Parents Are Dying: Some of the Simplest, Most Difficult and Redemptive Life-Advice You'll Ever Receive
"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself," Kahlil Gibran wrote in his poignant verse on parenting.
The Geometry of Grief: Mathematician Michael Frame on How Fractals Help Fathom and Move Through Loss
"What exists, exists so that it can be lost and become precious," Lisel Mueller wrote in her stunning poem about what gives meaning to our mortal lives as she neared, but never quite reached, the triumph of having lived a century - a bittersweet triumph, for to live at all, however long or short, is an unbidden bargain to lose everything you hold precious: every love and every life, including your own.