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Graphic design

Wow, I can finally choose between 8965 different fonts! That is good for the first 5 minutes using Figma.
F37 Bobby by F37 Foundry in use for the Common Curiosity studio identity.
Paul Felton and Alex Woolley's Common Curiosity is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio in Birmingham and London.
F37 Bobby by F37 Foundry in use for the rebrand of Elsewhen, a digital product consultancy in London.
Last month we released version 70 of our Mac app with a major UI refresh for macOS Big Sur.
Trying to find a good present?
We've curated the best home and design gifts to help you check everyone off your list.
Poster announcing a meeting of Type Club, an association of typographers and type designers in Dublin, Ireland.
Planning to purchase a new home? Then you must be wondering how the design selection process will go for all the design elements that tailor the home to your tastes.
Recently, I was approached by someone in my organisation who had created a video about our new product features.
How to overcome unproductive perfectionism and use the Internet to finally get your work out there.
"Do we really need more typefaces in the world?"