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It is understood the RFU has decided alcohol will be available only "in restaurant-style facilities and be served to the table with a substantial meal", in line with government regulations on hospitality venues in tier 2. 1
The pandemic halted gigs, hitting musicians hard. 1
Socialist-minded millennial heirs are trying to live their values by getting rid of their money. 1
A socialist since college, Mr. Jacobs sees his family's "extreme, plutocratic wealth" as both a moral and economic failure. 1
In go young people knotted by tension between their progressive values and their wealth; out come determined campaigners with a plan to redistribute. 1
Lady Elizabeth Anson, indefatigable party planner to rock stars and royals and a cousin to Queen Elizabeth II, died on Nov. 1 at a hospital in London. 1
More recently, when she tented the back garden of an apartment building for an event, unknowingly blocking the light in a basement apartment, the enraged tenants there countered by frying fish and filling the tent with the smell of burning kippers. 1
Choosing independent directors is a way that founders can create independence from investors getting to make all of the most important decisions regarding the company's future and vice versa. 1
The first is that if chosen correctly they should provide operating experience that is relevant to your business that will be represented on your board. 1
Otherwise, I value involvement over brand. 1
Under the plan, BuzzFeed will acquire HuffPost from its owner, Verizon Media, as part of a larger stock deal, the companies said. 1
The BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti, who helped found HuffPost 15 years ago, will serve as the chief executive. 1
As part of the arrangement, Verizon Media will become a minority shareholder in BuzzFeed, the companies said, but it will not have a seat on BuzzFeed's board. 1
Hours later, they reversed themselves after an outcry from state officials and Detroit residents who accused them of trying to steal their votes. 1
"American democracy cracked last night, but it didn't break. 1But we are seeing a real threat to everything we believe in." 1
Enter Buddy the Rat, a.k.a. the Subway Rat Costume Dude who has gone viral in recent days thanks to a series of videos scurrying across TikTok, Twitter and Instagram in which he does typical subway rat things like cosplaying Pizza Rat and putting his feet on the subway seat. 1
President Trump claimed a "big victory" on Monday night after officials in Clark County, Nev., voted to rerun one local race that had a margin of just 10 votes. 1
In the president's words, officials found "large-scale voter discrepancy" and "did not have confidence in their own election security." 1
This is the eighth major release in the Cats Effect 2.x lineage. It is fully binary compatible with all 2.x. y releases.