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France bans far-right group Generation Identity
France is to ban the far-right group Generation Identity, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced Wednesday.
Poll: French pupils oppose law banning religious symbols in schools
A majority of French high schoolers believe they and their classmates should be allowed to wear religious symbols such as a hijab or a kippah, a poll has found.
Orban's Fidesz quits EPP group in European Parliament
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party on Wednesday quit the center-right bloc in the European Parliament after a vote that paved the way for it to be suspended or excluded from the group.
Hungary's Fidesz party to leave European parliament centre-right group
Hungary's ruling rightwing Fidesz party has said it will leave the main centre-right political grouping in the European parliament after the European People's party (EPP) voted to change its internal laws on excluding members.
Why can't I get a refund after returning a 500 KitchenAid mixer?
Brexit is, indeed, to blame - compounded by poor processes at KitchenAid, which is part of Whirlpool.
Although the website you ordered from has a UK address, orders are shipped from Belgium.
Germany's far-right AfD placed under security service surveillance
BERLIN - The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has been placed under surveillance by the country's domestic security service, several German media outlets reported Wednesday.
Nicola Sturgeon rejects 'absurd' claim of conspiracy against Alex Salmond
LONDON - Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the suggestion she plotted against her predecessor Alex Salmond was "absurd" and "not based in any fact."
Citizens blame EU and national governments for slow coronavirus vaccine rollout: Poll
In the U.K., 45 percent said the EU has done a bad job, while 77 percent said they approved of their government's track record on vaccination. 1By contrast, only 23 percent of Germans, 19 percent of Swedes and 18 percent of French respondents took a similarly generous view of their respective national vaccine rollouts. 1
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