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Green leader says Germans must 'take more responsibility for own security'
The German Greens' candidate for chancellor Annalena Baerbock on Thursday called for Germany to be more active on foreign policy, but expressed skepticism about NATO's target of spending 2 percent of GDP on defense.
EU 'ready to discuss' waiver on Covid vaccine patents
The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has said the bloc is "ready to discuss" a US-backed proposal for a waiver on the patents for Covid-19 vaccines and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, said he was "absolutely in favour" of the plan as pressure built for a move that could boost their production and distribution around the world.
UK sends patrol vessels as 80 French protest boats gather off Jersey
Two British naval patrol vessels have arrived off the coast of Jersey as about 80 French boats also gathered at the port in St Helier in protest over post-Brexit rules on fishing rights.
The Guardian view on waiving Covid vaccine patents: protect the world, not big pharma | Editorial
he rapid emergence of Covid vaccines has been a remarkable yet bittersweet success, pointing to both humanity's scientific achievements and its social and economic failures.
What is behind the dispute over fishing rights around Jersey?
The immediate threat to which the prime minister was apparently responding when he dispatched the patrol vessels on Wednesday evening was a mooted blockade by French fishing boats of the port of St Helier, Jersey's main entry point for supplies.
EU Confidential #199, presented by SQM: Media freedom - European travel - Social summit
Is media freedom in Europe under threat? Is the Continent ready to open up as the coronavirus abates? And how much of a social union should the EU be?
Brex on the beach: UK seaside revival gives hope to Leave voters
GREAT YARMOUTH - In Britain's Brexit-voting seaside towns the fallout from the global pandemic is playing right into Boris Johnson's hands.
EU wants to mass produce three 'course-changing' Covid drugs from October
Three Covid medicines with the potential to "change the course" of the pandemic will be authorised for mass production and use in the EU by October under a European Commission plan.
Poland's system for disciplining judges violates EU law, says advocate general
Poland's new system to discipline judges is "contrary to EU law" and risks undermining the independence of the country's judiciary, the Court of Justice of the EU's advocate general said Thursday.
French fishers' protest over Jersey rights is over but the dispute will go on
awn was still four hours away and the small Normandy port of Carteret was alive, some boats hurriedly unloading their catch for a rapid turnaround, others turning on their lights and firing up their engines for the first time that night.